Spend More Quality Time with Your Family During the Holidays by Partnering with Clients ARM!

Spend More Quality Time with Your Family During the Holidays by Partnering with Clients ARM!

We are less than a week away from Christmas. Think back to Thanksgiving. Did you get to spend the amount of quality time that you wanted with your family? Will you be able to spend time with your family over Christmas and New Year’s Eve (and day!) without worrying about your business? Even if you or your family don’t celebrate the winter holidays, there’s probably some time in the year where you would rather spend quality time with your friends and family.

Clients ARM is here to help. With more than 30 years of experience, we help businesses of any size with their administrative needs. Our clients have more time to spend with their families and they save money when compared to the cost of hiring and training a single employee. Here’s how we can help you spend more quality time with your family during the holidays.

Account and Office Management

Clients ARM account and office management services can help your office with client intake, customer care, and provide daily and monthly billing services. Additionally, we provide specific services designed for law offices and healthcare facilities.

For lawyers, Clients ARM can provide management of advance fee IOLTA trust deposits. We can also help your clients get total funding for attorney fees. This free service can help attorneys have fewer past due accounts. We can also help by providing virtual receptionist services. Clients and potential clients continue to call a phone number they associate with your law office and the number rolls over to our Washington state based office.

For healthcare facilities, Clients ARM can help with electronic health insurance claims submission and ICD coding. We can even help healthcare facilities develop and implement a monthly e-billing option for patients. Clients ARM can also provide healthcare facilities with customer service and a loan matching service for patients.

Client Intake and Customer Care

You can spend less time in the office by outsourcing your client intake and customer care to Clients ARM. We rely on old fashioned customer service principles. Clients ARM can help with overflow or after-hours phone calls. We help your business reduce overhead and help convert leads into clients. We prioritize client intake calls by lead quality and sense of urgency which saves your office time.

Our customer care is second to none. Our goal, regardless of whether our contact is client intakes, answering billing questions, or collecting on past due accounts, is to help your business and your clients create and maintain a positive business relationship.

First and Third Party Collections

Clients ARM provides first and third party collections as well. With first party collections, we call past due accounts on behalf of your business in order to collect. We rely on old fashioned customer service and the best tools to help you get paid. We are licensed in several states for third party collections as well. Our collections rate is better than 90%.

Schedule Your Free Consultation

Clients ARM has a host of other services that can help save your business time and money. If you’re looking to spend more time with your family, schedule your free consultation with Clients ARM. There’s absolutely no obligation. We’d like to show you how we can help.