How Virtual Legal Assistant Services Improve Lead Conversion

How Virtual Legal Assistant Services Improve Lead Conversion

Time is of the essence when a new lead comes in. Every minute that a prospective client does not receive useful information or assistance in scheduling a consultation increases the likelihood that he or she will move on to another law firm. Your business could have the most navigable website and top-notch marketing efforts, but if someone isn’t there to help usher leads in the door, you are losing money. That’s why law firms often turn to legal assistant services that have virtual legal administrative assistants on staff trained in legal administrative tasks such as client intake and customer service.

Despite its name, a “virtual” assistant refers to a professional company that answers calls and online inquiries. It’s like having a dedicated intake team for your law firm – without paying more salaries and making room for more staff. 

What Are Virtual Assistant Services for Lawyers?

You’ve got a law firm to run, and your in-house staff does not have the time to dedicate to the task of fielding every call from a potential client. After business hours, no one from the firm is available at all. With a virtual legal assistant, a live person will answer leads and turn them into new clients for your firm. Prospective clients do not have to wait for a callback, and you and your staff do not have to deal with a pile of messages.

A lead becomes a conversion when a person reaches your marketing goal. In this case, that goal is to turn an inquiry into a new client. It is crucial to respond to leads in a timely manner. People who are looking for legal services want answers immediately. A virtual legal assistant decreases the time between a new inquiry and the initial consultation with an attorney.

When you have a dedicated team answering calls immediately, more leads turn into conversions. It’s that simple. 

Attorney’s A.R.M. Legal Virtual Assistants

Not every professional legal intake company is created equally. Attorney’s A.R.M. touts three decades of experience with law firm intake to qualify and close leads. Our professionals spend the time needed to understand what each caller needs and to schedule an appointment while following best practices for law office administrators.

The benefits of outsourcing your client intake processing to Attorney’s A.R.M. include:

  • Capturing more leads
  • Fielding intake calls during after-hours and overflow
  • Professional handling by people who understand your area of law and what to ask potential clients

At Attorney’s A.R.M., we also prioritize lead quality and urgency, which can dramatically reduce your firm’s overhead and save valuable time and resources. For more benefits, visit Law Firm Intake Services.

How It Works

With our virtual assistance services, your clients will continue to call a number they associate with you. Their calls will be routed to our U.S.-based office, where a trained professional will ask the right questions and handle the lead professionally. It’s a far superior system to the cheap, overseas companies that do not take the time to understand your business and clientele. While speaking with a prospective client during the first call, our professionals can book appointments and schedule your return calls. Clients get the attention they need and deserve. You save time and money. It's a win-win.

If you're interested in turning more leads into clients and leaving the heavy lifting to our team of experts, contact Attorney’s A.R.M. for a consultation at (206) 596-3000.