Should You Hire Your First Employee? 4 Things to Consider

Should You Hire Your First Employee? 4 Things to Consider

Should You Hire Your First Employee? 4 Things to Consider

It’s the end of the year and if you’re like most other business owners, you’re probably thinking about the growth your business had over the last business year. You’re likely considering ways that you can focus more of your time on your client base and on growing your client base. That, of course, would mean you spend less time doing other things. Should you hire your first employee? Let’s face it, hiring new employees is a big deal. It’s a big commitment. Consider these 4 things before you decide to hire a new employee.

Consider the Overhead of Hiring an Employee

The first thing to consider when you’re thinking about hiring an employee is the total overhead that is associated with. Each state has different laws about what is considered full time and when you would be responsible for paying for insurance and other benefits for employees. In addition to paying for those benefits, you will also have to pay for the costs associated with payroll. There are programs that allow you to do payroll on your own, but you may find it more convenient if you outsource payroll. That will, of course, be another added expense. Then, you have costs associated with training your new employee. You also have an increase in overhead in equipment and your monthly expenses, such as electricity, may go up in expense. If you can’t bear the overhead expenses and you need help, contact Clients ARM. We provide 30 years of Director-level experience. Since we are remote contractors based in the United States, you get the help that you need at about 40% less than hiring a traditional employee.

Consider the Investment of Time

When you decide to hire a new employee, you must also invest your time into the entire process. First, there’s the search. Your goal is to find someone that you can afford while also getting the skills and expertise that you want and need. You have to devote time to finding someone who will be supportive of your company’s mission. Then, your new employee must be trained. If you work in an industry that is highly regulated, you may find that you have to invest a substantial amount of money and time in making sure that your new employee understands the regulations and the requirements of the job. It could mean that you invest a lot of time in writing your policies and procedures manual.

Consider Their Attitude and Communication Skills

When you interview prospective employees, you have to take their attitude and their communication skills into consideration. How do they present themselves on paper? How do they present themselves in person? Are they enthusiastic? Are they confident? Do they act like they don’t want to be there? Remember, this person will likely have just as much contact with your clients as you will. So, communication is important. Do you feel like your potential hire communicates well with you? Did they make their point clearly in their resume and cover letter? Will their communication reflect positively on your business?

Consider Their Integrity

As you talk with the potential new hires, think about their integrity. Are they honest? What do their references have to say about them? What do they have to say about their former coworkers and their former bosses? Their integrity will affect how your clients view and interact with your business. Your company deserves nothing less than the best. Anything less than that can have a negative impact on your business.

Contact Clients ARM

If you’re ready to expand your business without breaking the bank, contact Clients ARM. In addition to our more than 30 years of experience, we also provide custom solutions for your needs. In fact, we provide free reviews for small businesses in need of administrative, billing, and customer service expertise for healthcare facilities and offices, lawyers, and service-based businesses. To find out more about how Clients ARM can help you save both time and money, give us a call. You’ll be glad that you did!