Feeling Burned Out? Take a Look at Your Calendar

Feeling Burned Out? Take a Look at Your Calendar

Feeling Burned Out? Take a Look at Your Calendar

We all want to have more time in the day. We want to be more productive. We want to do more clients. We continue to cram more activity in our day and sometimes our work life follows us home. Over time, the increase in may actually make you less productive and more stressed. You spend more time thinking about work when you should spend time with your family. This could lead to you missing out on some of life’s greatest moments because your thoughts were elsewhere. Before long, burn out sets in. If you’re feeling burned out, it’s time to take a look at your calendar.

Take Active Control of Your Calendar

Even if you have an assistant who books some or all of your appointments for you, you must take active control of your calendar. Go through each week and decide in advance what time needs to be blocked off for personal or family use. This could be time you take daily to work on your personal goals, go to the gym, or even family dinner time. No one needs to know why you’re blocking that time off. If you truly need to a reminder, such as for a doctor’s appointment, you can type it in and make it private either through Outlook or Google’s calendar feature.

After you’ve scheduled your most important items (which should also include exercise; according to an article on Entrepreneur.com, exercise can help you be a better entrepreneur), you should personally schedule any tasks or appointments that absolutely must take place during the week. This ensures that they don’t fall through the cracks or that you’re not overscheduled. Scheduling these tasks on your own is the only way that you can make sure that you have plenty of time to finish them or prepare for important appointments.

Learn to Say No

We’re only human. We cannot do it all. It’s important that we learn to say no. Saying no is a practical business strategy that enables you to spend more of your time working on things that matter and on things that you want to be involved in. Saying yes when you don’t want to actually trains the other person to continue to ask you for things that you really don’t want to do.

Learning to say no isn’t easy, but over time you’ll find that it gets a little bit easier. Saying no helps you take control of your calendar and helps you feel less resentful.

Embrace Delegation

Delegation is less about handing off tiny tasks that anyone can do and more about trusting your team members with projects that they are capable of completing. This creates more time for you to do things that only you are capable of doing in your business.

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