Essential Qualities of Highly Successful Virtual Law Offices!

Essential Qualities of Highly Successful Virtual Law Offices!

Virtual law offices are popping up. They’re an attractive practice option for lawyers. They can be both cost effective and flexible. Yet, starting a law office of any kind doesn’t have a guarantee of success. One of the best ways to improve your odds of success it to emulate highly successful virtual law offices. Clients ARM partners with both traditional and virtual law offices. We’ve noticed certain qualities that are associated with successful virtual law offices. Use this list to help improve your likelihood of success.

They Have a Business Plan

Just because a lawyer chooses to conduct business via a virtual law office doesn’t mean they should skip putting together a business plan. A business plan isn’t just about outlining the expenses you’ll incur in the practice of law. It’s about having a game plan to make your practice successful. One important area in a business plan is a marketing plan. Like any other type of law office, a virtual law office needs a marketing plan to grow. It also addresses how a virtual law office will handle growth; and growth is an important, and sometimes tricky, concept for any virtual business.

They Use the Right Technological Solutions for Their Needs

A virtual law office relies on technology to meet its needs. However, those in the legal industry must adhere to certain regulations about how client information is protected. Before you choose a CMS, payment processor, or any other digital solution for your business, you need to research the rules that govern encryption and other digital solution requirements in your jurisdiction.

There are a lot of choices out there for virtual law offices. Consider your needs before your choose. Also, consider your budget and whether the digital solution can grow with your practice.

They Don’t Neglect Traditional Forms of Communication

Digital solutions that help you run the business side of your virtual law office and that can provide files to clients in a secure method are certainly great. However, successful virtual lawyers do not neglect traditional forms of communication. Clients still want and need to hear from you. They still have questions and concerns. Make sure that you return all calls and emails within 24 business hours. If you’re looking to spend more time focused on solving your clients’ problems, Clients ARM provides client intake and customer service for virtual law offices.

Successful Virtual Lawyers Know How to Manage Their Time

Being your own boss creates a lot of flexibility. However, it also means that you alone are responsible for managing your time (and your schedule). It’s important that you have the self-discipline it takes to manage your own time. You’ll be responsible for handling the substantive part of your practice as well as the business side. This includes (but obviously isn’t limited to) your billing, research needs, support needs, marketing, appearing in court, and meeting with clients.

How Clients ARM Can Help Your Virtual Law Office

Clients ARM can help you with your virtual law office by providing you with cost effective solutions designed specifically for lawyers. We can help with legal billing, IOLTA account management, client intake, follow-up, customer care, payment plan set-up, and collections on past due accounts. If you’re running or thinking about starting a virtual law office, we’re offering you a free consultation. There’s no obligation. Let us show you how we can use our 30+ years of experience to help your practice become successful.