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Avoid These Top 4 Mistakes When Choosing a Virtual Receptionist!

Hiring a virtual receptionist comes with a lot of benefits that are good for your legal practice. Using one is incredibly cost effective, even if you’re a solo or virtual lawyer working out of a non-traditional environment. Since you’re hiring a company or an independent contractor as opposed to choosing to hire a traditional employee,…
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6 Noteworthy Tips about Hiring a Remote Worker!

The future office is said to have no walls. More and more skillful and qualified professionals are ditching their traditional 9-5 jobs to work remotely. Employers have also seen the benefits of hiring these professionals and they are currently doing everything they can to hire the best remote workers to meet their needs. While there…
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5 Benefits of Choosing a Lawyer Answering Service!

Law is no doubt one of the most crucial professions in the world. Clients often feel the need to get quick and accurate attention from you even when you have court, multiple client meetings, and looming deadlines. And clients have more ways than ever before to contact you. One of the most common and convenient…
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