5 Awful Customer Service Habits to Ban from Your Business!

5 Awful Customer Service Habits to Ban from Your Business!

Customer service will make or break your business. When clients have a great experience, especially when you’re able to solve a problem for them, they tell their friends, family, and acquaintances to use your services. If they have a bad experience? They take their money elsewhere. They don’t just tell their friends, family, and acquaintances. They get online and tell the world. And a bad review? It can cause a serious problem when it comes to client acquisition. To help you provide better for your clients, we’ve put together these 5 awful customer service habits you should ban from your business.

Long Hold Times

When clients spend an inordinate amount on hold, they feel unappreciated. Think about the last time you spent more than just a few minutes on hold to get an answer to a question or to schedule an appointment. How did that make you feel? If your clients or potential clients must be kept on hold for more than two minutes, check in and make sure that the client is okay waiting. You can also take a message and have the requested person return their call as soon as they can.

Phone Calls Not Returned in a Timely Manner

Sticking to the theme of phone calls, let’s talk about return calls. When you’ve called your lawyer, doctor, or other professional, how long did you wait for a return call? If you waited more than one business day, how did that make you feel? If you want to rise above the competition in your industry, make it a business policy to return all emails and phone messages within one business day. Make sure that your clients know this policy…and that you and your team members follow it.

So, what happens if you don’t have an answer for them within that time frame? Just call them and let them know that you’re still researching the matter and that you’ll call them with an update as soon as you can.

Customer Service Reps Who Can’t Help

It’s important that your customer service reps have the power to help when clients call with a problem. Hearing, “That’s not my problem,” or, “Sorry, there’s nothing I can do for you,” is upsetting for clients. Make sure that your employees have the power to solve problems. One call resolution of problems should be the goal of your business.

Improper Transfers

Have you ever called a business for help and ended up a victim of transfer tag? You know, you talk to a rep and they tell you that you have the wrong department so they transfer you. After yet another long wait, the next rep says they can’t help because it’s (you guessed it) the wrong department. Your employees should know who handles what in your company. Transfers should be efficient and correct. You can also consider cross-training employees in different areas so that if a client isn’t transferred to the right department, there’s no need to keep transferring them. They can still be taken care of.

Hiring the Wrong People

Customer service reps are a very important part of your business. They are the main contact point your clients have with your business. You must be careful in your hiring. You need to look for people who have a desire to help others. They need to be professional and understand empathy.

Need Help with Your Customer Service?

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