How Attorneys ARM Can Help Your Law Office

How Attorneys ARM Can Help Your Law Office

As a lawyer, your time as at a premium. You work hard to provide legal guidance to those in need. Yet, there are times when you need to focus on the business side of your business. Customer service, billing, and other administrative tasks are extremely important. Many lawyers face the challenge of balancing their time between growing their client base and staying on top of the administrative side of running a law firm.

Attorneys ARM can help you keep your focus on your clients and the law while we use our expertise to handle your law firm management needs. Here are just a few of the services that we provide to law offices.

Customer Service Management

The number one complaint made to bar associations is the lack of attorney client communication. Phone calls don’t always get returned in a timely manner, e-mails may get lost in the shuffle. You’re busy, but customer service must remain a priority so that your firm continues to grow. To help lawyers keep their focus on the clients, we provide customer service management for client intake, billing, collections, and every other process related to your law firm.

Even though you and the client have the same goal of resolving their legal problem, they may feel that the two of you aren’t on the same team due to lack of updates. Attorneys ARM understands that you are busy handling other cases and managing your law firm. However, not all clients see it that way. This can cause extreme frustration with your clients. Attorneys ARM can help.

With just a single, unused phone line, we are able to take your clients calls for you. We can assist with client intake, billing questions, and every other aspect of providing that personal touch that your clients want and deserve. You get the benefit of a loyal and long lasting attorney-client relationship.

Clients who have a great customer service experience tell their friends. Allowing Attorneys ARM to help you with your customer service needs means that your business continues to grow as a result of the personalized service that your current clients are receiving.

IOLTA Trust Management

There are many regulations in place regarding IOLTA trusts, and theses regulations vary state-by-state. IOLTA trust management is key for a successful law practice and they require double-entry book keeping. This is a necessary process and yet time consuming process for your law firm. It protects your law firm from any legal ramifications if audited, but it really does take a large chunk of time away from handling your cases. We understand how important it is to properly manage your IOLTA trust accounts and we can handle all aspects of trust management for you which will save you both time and frustration. For more information on how Attorneys ARM can help your law firm, call us today at 206-596-3000 to book your free review.

Hello Finance Manager

Attorneys ARM provides a unique service to those in need of legal help. This beneficial service is free. It helps your law firm because your clients have an opportunity to receive full funding to pay for your services. This helps you by taking out the risk of a potentially delinquent client in the future. Hello Finance Manager is a service that matches your client with a lender who can help them qualify for a loan to pay for your legal services in full.  Let’s face it: not every client in need of legal assistance will be able to afford the services needed. As a lawyer, you want to be able to ensure the best legal representation available to all of your clients, but you also must be able to cover all costs involved in the process. Hello Finance Manager is a free tool that helps your client apply for financial assistance. Your client receives the loan that they need. All you have to do is refer them straight to Attorneys ARM to get access to this free tool.

Accounts Receivable Assistance

Attorneys ARM has solutions for every aspect of your accounts receivable management needs. We provide a free review of your entire process and offer custom solutions that fit the needs of your law firm. We have created a set of general guidelines to help you create a successful and profitable law practice.

Attorneys ARM has more than 30 years of Director-level experience in accounts receivable management for law firms. We’d love the opportunity to win your business and show you first hand just why so many other law firms use our services.