6 Ways to Instantly Improve the Customer Experience

6 Ways to Instantly Improve the Customer Experience

6 Ways to Instantly Improve the Customer Experience

A good customer experience is what we aim to provide because that is one of the most important factors of a profitable business. If your customers do not have the experience they want or expect, they look for another provider. If you want to stay profitable and continue to grow your business you must provide a good customer experience. Here are 6 ways to instantly improve the customer experience.

Streamline Your Customer Intake Process

Of course you have to collect the necessary information about your customer in order to start their file and know how to file for any insurance, contact them, and keep notes. It’s important that you make sure that your customer intake process is streamlined. Make sure that you’re not collecting the same information multiple times throughout the visit. If your front desk staff or assistant takes the information, review it before you meet with the customer or as soon as the customer is in your office. It can be very annoying for customers to give out the same information to multiple people.

If you have questions about the information provided, you can ask about it by saying, “Tell me more about _________________.” This will show the customer that you have their information while also getting you the extra information that you need.

Empower Your Employees

To improve the customer experience, make sure that your employees have the decision making authority that they need. Very few things are more frustrating for customers than to call about a problem and being told by representatives that there is nothing they can do. Improving the customer experience is as simple as making sure that your employees can solve problems for your customers. Giving your employees the authority to waive a late fee once or extending a due date can go a long way in making customers happy.

Promptly Return Phone Calls

It’s important that customers get their phone calls returned and get the information they need. For medical and legal industries, your customers come to you to solve a problem or prevent a problem. They’re already experiencing stress. When you don’t promptly return phone calls, it can create more stress and unhappiness with your services. For lawyers, one of the main causes of bar complaints is not returning phone calls.

From the very beginning of your relationship with your customer, inform them of when they can expect a return phone call if they call for you. Then, make sure that you do it. Even if you call and say that you’re still researching it, you’ll have a much happier customer. Strive to return all phone calls to customers within 24 business hours.

Provide Rewards for Customer Loyalty

It’s easy to come up with perks to bring in new customers. You shouldn’t forget about your loyal customers. You can provide rewards for customer loyalty. Create a loyalty program. Create a rewards program for successful referrals. Send out birthday or anniversary cards. Do something small to let your loyal customers know that you still appreciate them.

Follow-up After Every Appointment

It may seem like creating extra work for yourself, but you should follow-up after every appointment. This is the best way to make sure that your customers are happy with your services, find out if they have questions they may not have thought about during the appointment, and to proactively prevent problems from coming up. If you’re short on time, consider partnering with Clients ARM to help you with your follow-up calls.

Put Yourself in Your Customer’s Position

Finally, make sure that you think about the relationship and what you offer from the perspective of your customer. What can you do to make the relationship more valuable to your customer? How can you help them solve problems and live a better life? Are your policies clear and written in a way that your customers can easily understand? Do they know who to contact if they have questions? Placing yourself in your customer’s position can give you greater insight into their customer experience.

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