6 Marketing Tips for Solo Lawyers!

6 Marketing Tips for Solo Lawyers!

When you’re a solo lawyer, the success of your business rides on your ability to market yourself. Of course, lawyers must adhere to the ethical rules in their jurisdiction. So, before you plan and implement a marketing strategy or even before you hire anyone to do your marketing for you, make sure that you clearly understand what you can and cannot do in your jurisdiction.

Once you’ve refreshed yourself on the rules surrounding legal marketing, read these 6 marketing tips and put them into practice within the context of your local rules!

Use a Chatbot

Believe it or not, a chatbot can be an integral part of your marketing strategy. A chatbot can be used to answer basic questions and invite potential clients to schedule a consultation. If you don’t have any coding experience, don’t worry! There are chatbots that require no programming that you can use. Chat bots can be used on your website or even through Facebook messenger. In addition to it giving out basic information about what you do as a solo lawyer, you can also use it to provide basic information to potential clients.

Look for Opportunities to Get Involved with Your Target Audience

Instead of waiting for people to find you, go out and find them. For example, if you practice family law, look for opportunities to partner with other professionals (such as insurance agents) to give an informational seminar about how marriage, divorce, and adoption can affect someone’s income and their estate. Even if you don’t practice estate law, providing basic information can help get your name out there. If you do practice estates, look for opportunities to talk with business owners and their employees about the importance of drafting a will. If you incorporate businesses, talk with local business networking groups and the chamber of commerce to provide free informational seminars. Make sure that you take lots of business cards with you. You should also create a sign in sheet that captures the name, phone number, and email address of anyone who attends. If your jurisdiction allows the use of a mailing list, this is a great way for you to add to yours.

Participate in Law Day

Most jurisdictions have one day a year where they ask for volunteer lawyers to answer phone calls and provide free legal advice. Not only does this provide a great service for the community, it also helps people get to know you. If you can’t volunteer your time at Law Day headquarters, provide free advice to those who call your office that day. Make sure that you advertise this in advance.

Use Avvo and Other Legal Message Boards

Avvo is a great way for you to build links back to your website and get your name out there. Avvo is a legal message board that allows people to ask legal questions. You can answer questions related to your practice area or in your state (or both).

Start a Podcast or YouTube Account

Podcasting and YouTube accounts are great ways for you to create evergreen promotional content. You can talk about current events, basic information in your practice areas, and answer commonly asked questions. You can even talk about how changes in the law could affect your target market.

Use Social Media and a Blog

Social media can be a pitfall for lawyers if they aren’t careful. Yet, it’s such a great way to make your presence known. Make sure that you understand the limits of social media use in your jurisdiction. Then, create evergreen blog posts that you can share out. Just remember to use a good disclaimer on your blog.

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