5 Things That Will Drive Loyal Clients to Your Competitor

5 Things That Will Drive Loyal Clients to Your Competitor

5 Things That Will Drive Loyal Clients to Your Competitor

While we go into business to turn a profit, it's important to realize that the only way that the profit comes is by providing a certain level of client satisfaction. How the client experience can be improved is one of the prevailing themes of our blog and also one of the cornerstones of how we run Clients ARM. It's all about ensuring the client gets what they want and need from us. With more than 30 years of experience in client care, it's safe to say that we know a thing or two about keeping clients happy. We've also observed the fall out that occurs in some businesses when a client chooses to take their business and their money elsewhere. Here are 5 things that will drive loyal clients to your competitor.

Poor Communication

Did you know that the number one reason that most people file bar complaints against attorneys is because of poor communication? Regardless of industry, however, your ability to effectively communicate with your clients will directly affect your profit. If your clients feel you don't care, if they feel intimidated, and if their clients and concerns go unanswered by you or your staff, you will lose that client.

The easiest way to fix the problem of poor communication is to just put yourself into the place of your clients. How do you like to be treated by your lawyer or doctor? How do you want to be treated by any professional? You want your questions answered. You want to be treated with respect. You want them to respect your time. Your clients want the same thing. Consider putting policies and procedures in place that explain to clients when they can expect updates and the names and direct phone numbers for individuals in your business who can answer their questions. Make sure that all clients who call with a question or a concern receive a call back within 24 business hours even if the call is to let them know that your team is still looking into the matter.

Unmet Expectations

Do your clients know what to expect from your services? Do they understand the lifespan of a lawsuit? Do they know how long it may take to get a referral to a specialist? Do they know how long to wait on building plans? Think about your industry. What questions would someone have if they've never had any experience using someone in your field. Thinking about client expectations ahead of time can help your business avoid misunderstandings with clients that leave them frustrated and unhappy.

No Reward for Loyalty

Have you ever noticed that companies tend to offer all sorts of incentives to draw in new clients? Yet, it's so much easier to continue to sell services to their current clients. Client acquisition is an expensive and time consuming process. So, what do you do for the clients you acquire and who stay with you? Developing and implementing rewards for loyalty can go a long way in keeping clients happy and in encouraging them to refer their friends, family, and colleagues. Thank you notes, small tokens of appreciations, or if you work B2B, delivering donuts once in a while can continue to cement the client relationship.

Poor Performance

Nothing is more frustrating for a client who doesn't feel as if they are getting what they pay for. Although this is a fairly similar concept to unmet expectations, it's not quite the same thing. Consider what you make per project or per hour in your industry. Shouldn't your clients get all of your attention and effort? If you want to keep your clients, it is imperative that they feel as if they are your only client even when they aren't.

Difficult Employees

No one likes to call a place of business and be put on hold while the receptionist finishes a leisurely conversation. No one likes it when someone rolls their eyes at them or in any way treat them as if they don't matter. If you have difficult employees, you must make your clients your priority. If retraining doesn't solve the problem, you must choose another option. Bad employees can cost your business thousands of dollars. In addition to driving off loyal clients, you will also shoulder the expense of locating and training a replacement.

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