5 Reasons Attorneys & Physicians Outsource Their Billing and Soft Collections

5 Reasons Attorneys & Physicians Outsource Their Billing and Soft Collections

Attorneys and physicians are two of the world’s most needed, esteemed, and busy service providers. Generally, even the lawyers and doctors that practice their craft on a solo basis can’t find a lot of time to handle their billing and soft collections. Recently, the staff here at Attorney's A.R.M. polled our clients that work as either an attorney or a doctor to find out the reasons why they partnered with our company to handle their billing and soft collections. We’re sure some of these reasons will hit home with you.

1 - Keeps Professional Focus on Services Provided

One of the most important reasons that attorneys and physicians outsource their billing and soft collections to Attorney's A.R.M. is because they are able to keep their professional focus where it belongs – on the services that they provide to their clients. When you’re in business for yourself, it can take a lot of time to manage back office activities such as billing and collections. Contacting and asking people for money can be a tough spot since you’re in a position of caring for or representing this person who owes you money. So many lawyers and doctors choose to partner with Attorney's A.R.M. so that they are able to retain their focus and relationship with their clients. We handle the billing and soft collection matters.

2 - Outsourcing Billing and Soft Collections Is a Time Saver

Everyone wishes that there were more hours in a day. Since we each get only 24 hours each day, it means that we have to be sensitive as to how we choose to utilize our time. Doctors love Attorney's A.R.M. because they can devote their time to treating their patients while we work with patients and insurance companies to secure payments. Attorneys love Attorney's A.R.M. because they have the security of knowing that their billing is handled by experienced account managers thus helping them avoid oversights that can get them in trouble with the bar.

3 - Following Up Is Assured

It’s the thing that all attorneys and physicians dread: bills that aren’t paid as soon as they’re received. If you’re a doctor, it could be a delay on the end of the insurance company or the patient. If you’re an attorney, you know the stress that comes hand-in-hand with the need to call a client you’re currently representing who owes you money. If they don’t pay, sometimes you must take extreme measures such as stating you will have to withdraw from their case. Lawyers and doctors that outsource their billing and soft collections to Attorney's A.R.M. do not have to worry about following up. We take care of it. Additionally, we can help our clients develop policies and procedures for accounts that are clear and easy to follow. We take the pain out of the follow up.

4 - Outsourcing Billing and Soft Collections Saves Money

Often, many of our clients who start by requesting our free process review are concerned that outsourcing their billing and soft collections to Attorney's A.R.M. will be expensive. They’re always thrilled when they realize that outsourcing to us saves them money when compared to what would be spent by hiring, training, and paying someone to handle billing and collections. In fact, we do more than help attorneys and lawyers with their billing and collections. We help their patients and clients avoid past due accounts by helping people find outside financing to get the services that they need.

5 - Less Stress

Our clients get a trusted account manager that can help write and implement clear policies and procedures for billing that will help lessen the amount of future past due accounts. They can help your clients secure financing. We help lawyers and doctors save time, money, and stress. Billing and soft collections doesn’t have to take up your time. It doesn’t have to add strain to your relationship with your clients. It doesn’t have to cost as much as you probably think.

Free Process Review

If you’re a lawyer or a doctor, you deserve to find out just how much time, money, and stress you can save by working with Attorney's A.R.M. We offer a free process review. We can help you design the perfect plan for your service-focused business. What are you waiting for? Our experts have at least 15 years of experience working in soft collections and billings. We are also licensed as a collection agency. Don’t you deserve to take control of your time? Contact us now.