Why Your Policies and Procedures Should Be in Writing!

Why Your Policies and Procedures Should Be in Writing!

You spend a lot of time trying to ensure that your business will be profitable. From the very moment that you begin to put your unwritten policies and procedures in place, you should be planning to put them in writing. They should be in writing by the time that you hire your first employee or outsource any of your work. Here’s why your policies and procedures should be in writing.

Maintain Your High Quality

When you bring someone in to your organization, they often bring in their ideas. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. Keep in mind that written policies and procedures are put into place for a reason. This reason is to maintain your high quality standards in every area. This is your way of being able to ensure quality when you turn over the reins to someone else.

Provides Consistency for Your Clients and Employees

If you don’t have written policies and procedures in place, you’re at a risk of inconsistencies in your business. Think back to a time when you were employed and you had several people telling you that you were doing something wrong simply because it wasn’t getting done their way. The frustration and lost productivity can be avoided with written procedures.

Written policies and procedures give your employees consistency. They know how each and every process is performed. There’s no argument in the office about the “right way.” This isn’t to say that you don’t listen to and implement good ideas presented by your employees. If you adopt a new policy, your written guidelines should be amended right away.

They also give your clients consistency. Each client will be treated fairly according to the written policies. Your clients will know what to expect from your organization.

Answers Basic Questions

Your employees will have questions especially when they are first hired. If someone is out of the office and another employee covers their responsibilities, they may have questions. Written policies and procedures can help answer basic questions.


Written policies and procedures can be used for training new employees. Although many people learn very well by walking through each step, having a written set of guidelines on procedures will provide an excellent reference resource.

Get Help With Your Policies and Procedures

If the idea of writing your policies and procedures seems overwhelming to you, Clients A.R.M. can help. We can establish and write policies and procedures that are unique to your business. Clients A.R.M. incorporate best practices for your industry and your ideas to produce a policies and procedures manner that is right for you. Clients A.R.M. provides a free process review, too. Let us help you figure out what you need for your business. Contact us by phone or use our convenient contact form to email your details to us. We would be happy to contact you and help you develop your policies and procedures. Clients A.R.M. can help you write your policies and procedures in each area of your business.

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