Why Your Competition Is Successful!

Why Your Competition Is Successful!

Every business has competition. You can have the best services on the face of the planet and that still doesn’t guarantee that you’ll be a success. It’s important to recognize that what you can do for the market is only part of the equation of success. So, why are competitors doing better than you even when they have services that don’t measure up to yours?

They Communicate Better with the Market and Their Clients

Industry aside, clients want one thing from you besides meeting their needs. They want good communication. They want to know what’s going on with their project. They want to know that you’re available to answer questions. Your ability to communicate directly affects your success. The most successful competitors in your space understand this. They make it a point to have open and friendly lines of communication.

Create and implement communications guidelines that improve how you talk to your market and to your clients. Things you should include is how long it will take for people to receive a return phone call or email, how people can directly contact certain departments (such as billing), and how everyone in your company plays a part in good communication.

Your Competition Meets and Exceeds Client Expectations

Your competition is successful because they meet and exceed client expectations. People know what to expect from your competition. They go out of their way to answer questions, provide solutions, and to be seen as an expert in the industry.

Think about how you can meet and exceed client expectations. This could mean that you have to examine how you manage your time or bringing on additional qualified help to successfully complete projects. It could mean that you need an assistant to take on administrative tasks so you can focus on your clients. Remember that when clients have their needs met and when they’re happy with the service you provided by you, they’ll refer people to you. When they’re unhappy, they can do a lot of damage to your business by using online review sites and social media.

Loyal Clients Are Rewarded

You have new client specials in place. What are you doing for existing clients? It’s important to reward loyal clients and your competition knows this. Your competition continues to make money and grow because they recognize that it is much easier to sell to existing clients than it is to acquire new ones. Rewards for loyal clients, such as thank you notes tor small discounts, can make all the difference in how often someone chooses to use your business.

How You Can Get Help with Your Business

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