Why You Should Outsource to a Collection Agency!

Why You Should Outsource to a Collection Agency!

Why You Should Outsource to a Collection Agency.

You have past due accounts that you need to collect on. So, why should you outsource to a collection agency in Seattle, Washington? Couldn’t you just do it yourself?

Performing Your Own Collections

You might be considering performing your own collections instead of outsourcing it to a reputable and licensed collection agency. Is that truly the right decision for your business? Handling collections on your own past due accounts has several requirements that you might not have considered.

First, you would need to decide if you have the time to devote to collecting on past due accounts. Keep in mind that you only have 24 hours in a day. Can you afford to take time away from making money to work on your collection efforts. If you can’t afford to give up this time, you need a collection agency to assist you.

Second, you may think that hiring someone is a better option. Now, think about what that will really require from you. You’ll need capital. This person will require a salary, benefits, and space to work. You’ll need to make sure that this person is trained (and receives the training required on an annual basis to keep up with the laws that govern collections). The initial cost involved in bringing someone onboard for collections is another reason why business owners outsource to a collection agency.

Finally, there’s the law. Did you know that there are multiple laws that cover how you can try and get the money that you’re owed? That’s right. There are federal and state laws that govern collections. Do you know them? Do you have time to become intimately familiar with them? If not, then you need to consider outsourcing your collections to a collection agency.

The Benefits of Using a Collection Agency in Seattle, Washington

There are many benefits to outsourcing to a collection agency. What is the main reason that you should outsource your collections to an agency located in Seattle, Washington? The answer is one you might not have considered. Thanks to Seattle’s time zone, businesses all over the nation can work with a collection agency that is able to make more calls in a day. If you live on the east coast, you may want to leave at 5:00 pm your time. Working with a collection agency in Seattle means that it’s only 2:00 pm. That means that the collection agency can continue to make calls on your behalf while you go about your evening.

Other benefits to using a collection agency include lower cost and a time savings for you. Clients A.R.M. is, on average, 40% less expensive than hiring an employee. We also free up time for our business owners so that they can focus on the more important aspects of their business: generating revenue.

Clients A.R.M. is also familiar with the laws regarding collections at both a federal and state level. We are licensed in multiple states. If you’re ready to find out just how much working with Clients A.R.M. can save you, contact us now. Put our 30+ years of experience to work for you!