Why E-billing Should Be Your First Focus in Accounts Receivable!

Why E-billing Should Be Your First Focus in Accounts Receivable!

If you’re office doesn’t use e-billing, it’s time to consider it. While traditional billing will probably not die out completely, e-billing is just as beneficial for you as it is for your clients. Here’s why e-billing should be your first focus in accounts receivable.

More Convenience for Your Clients

It doesn’t matter about your area of expertise. E-billing is more convenient for your clients. Even clients who want to pay by check have debit cards. They can use their debit cards to pay their bill online. E-billing gives options to your clients on how they want to pay their bill. They don’t have to watch the mailbox. They will get their bill to their primary email address each and every month. Clients could also elect to use a work email instead of a personal email. We all tend to check our business email a little more often than our personal email accounts. When we provide convenience to our clients, we give them a reason to remain loyal.

More Convenient for You

How often have you heard from a client that they didn’t receive their bill? How often were you expecting something in the mail, but you didn’t get it when you should have received it? Late bills because of a postal hold up means a late payment for you. E-billing is more convenient for you as a business owner because you no longer have to worry about whether your clients receive their bills on time.

E-billing Is Cost Effective

E-billing is incredibly cost effective. If you’re worried about the cost of implementing e-billing, don’t be. Chances are that your accounting software has an add-in or already has the ability to provide e-billing. It’s not hard to set up or offer. In the long run, it’s more cost effective than stamps, envelopes, and printing. You always know that your client has their e-bill.

E-billing Is Good for the Environment

E-billing saves paper. Saving paper saves trees. E-billing is good for the environment. If you’re looking for an easy way to begin sustainability changes, look no further than e-billing. E-billing is one of the most overlooked ways that you can use to help the environment.


E-billing is more secure than the traditional mail. Traditional mail is one of the biggest ways that identity theft occurs. If you work in an area that has confidentiality laws or if your clients talk to you about confidential matters, this is particularly important. Think about your traditional bills. How detailed are your bills? Would your clients be worried if someone stole their bill and could read the information in there? E-billing is more secure. Your detailed bills are delivered to the email addresses of your clients. They can print it or just log-in to pay.

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E0billing is just one more way that you can make your business more client focused. It’s convenient for your clients. It helps protect them from identity theft. It also saves money for your business and protects the environment. To learn more about how you can implement e-billing, contact Clients A.R.M. today!