Website and Social Media Tips for Veterinarian Offices

Website and Social Media Tips for Veterinarian Offices

Website and Social Media Tips for Veterinarian Offices


Many veterinary clinics are seeing a decline in visits. It’s an alarming trend that is costing the industry a lot of money. This trend is leaving many clinics in fear of what the future may hold. During the 2016 NAVC Conference, practice consultant Karen Gavzer, MBA, CVPM cited the decline can be attributed to many clinics having little to no online presence.


A website is not enough in this day and age of social media. Most websites are cluttered and distracting. At the end of the day, it isn’t just about the amount of information and content. It’s also about the quality of the information. It’s about your image. Can your potential clients find the information they need on your site? More importantly, is your website easy for them to navigate to find what they need?


Tips for Ensuring That Your Potential Clients Can Find You


It’s not enough to have a website. Don’t misunderstand what we’re saying. Websites are a great way to establish your presence and to have information available for your potential and current clients. It’s important that you use other online methods to reach out to your market. Think about the websites that you’re likely to find your target market. That’s where you should start. Here are some tips for social media and your website that can make it easier for your potential clients to get what they need from you online!


Social Media


Twitter and Facebook can help potential clients find you. Social media is an outlet that allows you to interact with current and future clients. Sharing information, tips, service specials, and photos of your furry and feathered patients is easier when using social media. Many clients turn to social media to address any customer service issues that may arise. They also use the platforms as a resource for contacting your office. Having a social media presence allows your clients to share your business with their friends and family. Word of mouth, even online, is still one of the best forms of free advertisement.


When creating a social media page for your clinic, remember to create a social media-posting schedule. It will help you organize the number of posts you want to make daily, holds all of the content, and many automated social media programs can even help you determine the best time of day to send your updates. Sticking to a regular schedule can make it an easy task and provide consistent content for your clients to interact with.


Mobile-Friendly Website


Websites that are not mobile-friendly will deter many potential and current clients. Standard websites do not translate well onto a small mobile or tablet device. The site is too small and difficult to navigate. Many businesses fail to realize that having a mobile site is essential part of online marketing. Mobile-friendly sites are easier to see, use, and interact with.


According to a study on Smart Insights, 51% of people use their mobile phone to access and search the Internet. This is compared to 42% of people who use a standard desktop or laptop. While a desktop or laptop remains the most popular device (91%) to use when searching on the Internet, more people (81%) are turning to smartphones as their go-to device.


Staying up-to-date with technology and online trends can become overwhelming. It is an important part of reaching out to clients.


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