Want to Improve Your Customer Service? Ask Yourself These Questions

Want to Improve Your Customer Service? Ask Yourself These Questions

Want to Improve Your Customer Service? Ask Yourself These Questions

Customer service makes or breaks most businesses. The last time you had a terrible experience, did you go back? Did you tell your friends and colleagues to avoid the place? Even if you have a customer service policy that you believe to be adequate, it can likely be better. If you want to improve your customer service and go from good to great, ask yourself these questions.

Did You Hire the Right People?

When it comes to client interaction and customer service, it’s important that you hire the right person. The right person is more than knowledgeable about your industry and a fast learner. The right person enjoys working with people. They enjoy helping. They have a smile on their face and they know how to be empathetic with people who are upset. It should be someone who understands that customer service is everyone’s job and that sometimes it is necessary to go above and beyond to make sure the client feels like your company cares.

Do Your Employees Understand the Processes Involved in Your Business?

This isn’t about hiring a bunch of people and expecting everyone to be an expert in every aspect that exists in your business. This is about your employees, particularly those who will interact with your clients, understand the basics of how your business operates. They should understand how accounts are opened, the basics of billing, where they can help clients find answers to their questions, and what happens if a client doesn’t pay.

This isn’t about total expertise. It’s about making sure that your employees have all of the information they need to answer basic questions from clients and prospective clients.

Are Your Employees Empowered to Help?

It’s one thing to answer a question for a client. It’s something else to have the power to solve a problem for a client. Do your employees actually have the power to help? Your employees should be empowered to take care of your clients and make them happy. You can set up basic guidelines that they can use to follow. If the situation requires a solution outside of your guidelines, they should not say, “I can’t do that.” Instead, encourage your employees to say, “Let me see what I can do for you. I’ll research this and call you back.” Then, your employees can approach you or their manager to discuss possible solutions. If the answer truly is that your employee cannot help, a manager or you should call the client to discuss. This does two things. First, it shows your employees that you are willing to get involved in difficult situations. Second, you get the opportunity to speak with the client and hear what they have to say. Your client will feel like your company is truly listening and attempting to help…even if the answer is still no.

Are You Listening to Feedback?

If you listen, they will talk. Listen to your employees when they say something does or doesn’t work well for them or the clients. If clients call you with complaints about your customer service process, take the time to listen. Assess the situation and, if needed, implement appropriate changes.

In fact, you can even take the first step. You can actively solicit your clients and your employees about your customer service process. Ask what they like about it. Ask what they don’t like about it. Encourage honesty and ask for ideas on how your customer service can improve.

Do You Need Help With Customer Service?

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