Virtual Receptionists to the Rescue!

Virtual Receptionists to the Rescue!

Virtual receptionists can help your small business grow by freeing up your time from the phone. A good virtual receptionist helps you by taking messages, performing client intake, or answering questions about your business. By utilizing a virtual receptionist, you don’t need someone physically in the office to answer phones or set up appointments. It helps reduce your overhead and also provides the client with the feeling that your business is bigger than it actually is. This can be very beneficial for small businesses looking to make a big impact! Here are a few ways a virtual receptionist can help your company.

Staying Connected to Your Clients

As a business owner, you’re busy. There comes a time for practically every business when the owner can no longer be the frontline person on the phone. What happens if a client calls and has a question or needs to set up an appointment no one answers the phone? It’s certainly not a good look for your business, especially if no one ever gets around to returning their call or their call isn’t returned in a timely manner. Clients want to know and feel like when they need your company or services that someone will be there for them. Having a full time receptionist who comes into the office can be expensive, and you’d also need office space that could support the extra person. That’s where a virtual receptionist can help! They don’t have to be at your office to answer incoming calls. They keep your company and clients always connected for a fraction of the price when compared with traditional hiring. Knowing there is always someone there to take calls from your clients takes some stress off you while you work on running your business!

Important Phone Calls

A virtual receptionist can transfer calls to you or contact you directly if there is a pressing situation that needs your attention. This gives you the peace of mind that if there is a situation that you need to see to immediately, your virtual receptionist can contact you wherever you are to make sure your clients emergencies are taken care of in a timely manner.

By having a virtual receptionist, you don’t have to worry about taking calls that can be handled by others. Billing questions, customer care, and basic questions can all be handled by the right virtual receptionist. Your time is valuable. It is best spent doing what only you can do for your clients.

Taking Messages

Having a virtual receptionist take calls for your company frees up your time. You know that your receptionist will ensure that the most urgent matters are brought to your attention. However, they can take messages for things that can wait till you have a free moment. A knowledgeable and customer oriented virtual receptionist can screen every call and either give them to you in the order they were received or they can rank them in order of importance. Those messages can be delegated someone on your staff who is best able to help them while sending the important matters to you. However you’d like to retrieve your messages is entirely up to you! Many virtual receptionists can contact you in whatever way is best and easiest for your company.

Professional Virtual Assistants Can Take the Pressure Off

Stopping what you’re doing to answer the phone, can be stressful and time consuming! Having a professional virtual receptionist takes care of this for you. Clients ARM offers professional and experienced virtual receptionists that know how to handle the stress and pressure that comes with the position. Let Clients ARM show you how we can help as your virtual receptionist and contact us today for your free consultation.