Veterinary Office Tips for Better Service!

Veterinary Office Tips for Better Service!

When it comes to working as a veterinarian or in a vet’s office, there are many aspects that are found in other businesses: getting new clients (or patients) into the office, the intake process, client retention, and customer service. These are all part of the daily workings of any business. It’s important to keep in mind that everyone working well together makes veterinary life go smoothly. As the manager or owner, it is good to make sure your staff know how to be their best! To help, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Client Acquisition

Getting new clients is always important because you can’t expect Fluffy to keep getting a hairball to keep your business afloat. Give Fluffy a break and work on getting your good veterinary name out there! Posting on social media can be extremely beneficial.  It’s a great (and free!) way to help advertise your fur friendly business. Taking out an ad in the local paper or on their website is also a great way to reach your target audience. You could also partner with a local pet grooming business that you trust (if your office doesn’t have an in-house groomer) and provide discounts for anyone they refer to your office. Free, or low cost, initial exams go a long way toward getting new patients. After they are in the office, your customer service skills and great attitude when working with your patients, from everyone on your staff, will keep them coming when their fur baby needs a checkup.

Client Intake

Review your client intake process. All new clients must fill out forms about the patient being seen, prior conditions and medications, previous vet (if they had one), and method of payment. This always seems daunting to new clients because they are most likely not coming in for a routine check up and are worried about their beloved pet. It is good to make sure the forms are easy to read and simple to fill out without missing any of the needed details. Go over the paperwork with them and make sure they know you are available to answer any questions they may have or help fill them out if their pet is being a bit of a hand full. Offering a beverage for both animal and owner wouldn’t hurt either.

Customer Service

Customer service is more than just doing your job with a smile on your face. Great customer service comes from caring about your clients and patients well-being and wanting to help them however you can. Clients need your understanding and your empathy. You’re taking care of their beloved friend. That can be stressful. A visit to the vet isn’t always easy on the pet, either. So, it’s important to be patient.

Animal lovers can tell when you really care about their pet. They will be more inclined to bring them back and let others know how well you took care of their darling. Also, animal intuition is nothing to laugh at. Animals can tell when you are being sincere. Treat the animal with kindness and caring just like they are a part of the family, because they are!

Client Retention

The best vet offices make a name for themselves by truly caring about the animals they care for and the humans involved. One of the best ways to show this is to check in on your patients after their appointment. Give the client and call and inquire about how the patient is doing. How are they feeling? Are they responding well to the medicine? Are they moving around okay with the cone of shame? Always offer feedback, as well, after they have updated you on their pet. If they need a follow up visit or if things aren’t going well, this would be the time to set up a follow up appointment. If a date and time was set previously, make sure that time and date will still work. If it is urgent, see if you can get them in sooner.

Caring Is Key

The key to all of this is caring for the patients, both human and not. Here at Clients ARM, we show caring in everything we do. We can help with your intake, retention, and more. Get a free consultation today to see how we can help make your veterinary services easier on you!