Your Top 5 Basic Total Quality Management Questions Answered

Your Top 5 Basic Total Quality Management Questions Answered

What is total quality management? If you have that question or are looking to put total quality management into practice in your business, look no further. Total quality management is a business management practice that is primarily used in the legal industry, but it can be used with any business. Read below as we answer the top 5 of basic total quality management questions.

What is Total Quality Management?

Total quality management is a type of business management philosophy. In total quality management, your business becomes more client focused. It involves all employees to continuously give clients what they want to keep them loyal. Total quality management means consistently providing excellent service to each client. So, who determines “quality?” The answer is: your clients. Once you understand what your client base considers high quality service, you’re able to offer a high-standard of quality which fosters client loyalty and generally means that you can also charge more for your services. You can ensure long-term client happiness by using total quality management.

Who Has a Role to Play in Total Quality Management?

You, as a business owner, have a role to play in total quality management.  Everyone else in your business is expected to help, from your accounts receivable representative to the janitor to the receptionist. Everyone in your business has the capacity to add to the uniform your business will provide. Total quality management works because each client deserves outstanding customer service from everyone in your organization that they will meet through email, on the phone, or in person. This requires the employees in the business to be part of a team and work toward a common goal: pleasing your client. It’s about getting answers for clients when they need them instead of passing them off to another person.

Who Does Total Quality Management Focus On?

Total quality management focuses on providing your clients excellent service from every aspect of your business. This starts with the first contact that potential clients have with your business, every phone call they make, and every time they are involved with someone from your company. The focus of everyone in your business is to ensure that the client gets treated with respect and that they receive quality service. The success of your business depends solely on happy clients. Total quality management is about making clients happy.

Is Total Quality Management a Process?

Total quality management is process-centered. It can be broken down into small steps, or processes, for every aspect of your business. The processes are broken down into micro-processes. There are certain strategies which everyone needs to know. Each position in your business should have written policies and procedures that they can consult if they have questions. Your staff should also be empowered by you to solve problems.

How Does a Business Begin Total Quality Management?

Your business must develop and share a vision statement, a mission, and some guiding principles that are client-centered. Make sure the employees know what they are working for and that they understand the meaning of the statement and mission, as well as the principles. It is extremely important that you hire staff who are focused on making and keeping clients happy. Your staff should be trained on client-centric decision making. All policies and procedures should be in writing and your staff should know where they can find these documents in case they have questions.

As a business owner, you need to understand what your clients consider quality customer service and quality services from your chosen industry. To do this, you may survey your clients or target audience. You can email them, call them, or even talk to them in person. Client issues should be addressed right away. You should have an open door policy for your clients and your staff members.

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