Top 4 Customer Service Mistakes That Will Kill Your Business!

Top 4 Customer Service Mistakes That Will Kill Your Business!

Business is more competitive than ever. Because of the Internet, businesses of any size can now reach more of their target market than ever before. Yet, being able to market to the right audience doesn’t guarantee success. And, since it costs money to acquire customers, your business must also focus on customer service. In fact, customer service is ultimately what makes or breaks a business. Someone happy with your services might tell a few of their friends or family. They might post a positive review somewhere online. Yet, someone who is unhappy with your business could spend a lot of time denigrating your business online through social media. Which do you think has more power?

No, you can’t always avoid someone who is looking to go out of their way to post a negative review. However, you can avoid these top 4 customer service mistakes to ensure that you protect your business from as many unhappy people as possible.

Patronizing Your Clients and Potential Clients

Yes, you’re an expert and your clients and potential clients need you. However, no one likes it when others talk down to them. Be very careful with how you approach and talk to others. Be careful in how you answer questions that are asked. Think about how you talk with others as a way that you can prepare them to make an educated decision when it comes to their needs.

Not Truly Listening to Your Clients

Sure, you want to make money. That’s why you’re in business. The best way to get more sales isn’t by shoving more services at them. It’s by truly listening to your clients. You may think that every client needs everything you offer, but that’s not necessarily true. You should take the time to really tune in to what your clients say so that you can understand their needs. Use active listening. It will improve your ability to choose which services would work best for your client and it will improve your professional relationship with them.

Not Bothering to Follow-up

Follow-up should occur after every meeting, every service, or any time that you encounter your client on a professional level. This can help you answer questions for your client and keeps you at the top of their mind. If you fail to follow up, your clients may leave for a service provider that does it.

Phone Calls Aren’t Returned in a Reasonable Amount of Time

Your clients have other things to do besides wait for a return call. Value your clients by valuing their time. Return phone calls within a reasonable amount of time. Make it a rule to return all business phone calls within 24 business hours. If clients feel like you’re ignoring them, they will find a new provider for their needs.

Ready to Get Help with Your Customer Service?

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