Tips for Working Smarter!

Tips for Working Smarter!

Technology makes it easier for us to get more done each day. Yet, working smarter isn’t necessarily easy. These tips will make working smarter easier for you.

Make Sure You’re Using the Right Technology

There are a lot of choices out there for billing, accounts receivable, marketing, client information, and practically everything else in the realm of business. While one of the best ways to find the choices that work best for you is to talk to others in your space, that still doesn’t guarantee that you’re using the right solution. Make sure that you understand the needs you have and that you’re using the solution that best meets them. Don’t use something that has more features than you need. Look for single solutions that can help you with practically every aspect of your business.

Plan Your Day (and Execute the Plan)

Take 15 minutes each morning to plan your day. This is around 1% of your day. Using 1% of your day to help you control the other 99% is more helpful than you’ll realize. You’re able to understand the objectives you must meet and you’re able to plan accordingly.

However, having a plan does you no good if you don’t use it. While you may need to tweak your plan as your day continues, it’s important to stick to your plan. Doing so will help you feel like you have more control over your day.

Make sure that you schedule downtime into your day as well. Studies have shown that downtime is very important for the brain and can make you more productive in the long run. If you share a calendar with an assistant, you don’t have to use descriptive information for your down time. You can simply mark the time as private or as a block where you’re not to be disturbed.

Keep Your Focus on the Most Important Tasks

There are two primary schools of thought on when you should tackle the most important tasks on your list. Some people believe that it’s best to take on the big tasks first because it helps them feel more productive for the rest of the day. After all, they don’t have to spend the rest of the day dreading the time they must take on that specific activity. This is a great concept for go-getters who don’t like things hanging over their heads.

Some people believe that they need small tasks to help them warm up to the larger task. This helps them improve their focus and get some of the other things on their task list completed before they get absorbed in the major task.

The concept that works best for you is the one that should be used. The goal is to keep your focus on the most important tasks. During the time you’re working on an important matter, turn off the ringer on your phone, do not check or respond to texts or emails, and stay off of social media. Make the best possible use of the time and stay focused.

Work During Your Optimal Time

In most businesses, there’s a requirement to be available when your clients need you. If you want to make serious headway, work during your optimal time. Think about when you feel the most focused and energetic. Find a way to use that time to work on your most important projects. You’ll be glad that you did.

Delegate! Delegate! Delegate!

To work smarter, make sure that you’re embracing delegation. Delegation helps you free up your time. Clients ARM helps businesses of any size with customer service, client intake, collections, accounts receivable, and more. To learn how we can help you, schedule your free consultation!