Time to Outsource Your AR Needs – Staffing Firm Edition

Time to Outsource Your AR Needs – Staffing Firm Edition

How can your staffing firm or temp agency benefit from outsourcing?

Outsourcing often gets a bad reputation that it truly does not always deserve. In reality, outsourcing is nothing more than delegating. When you assign a set of tasks to any person, regardless of where the work will be completed, that can be seen as outsourcing.

There are many small staffing and temp agencies that have one goal in mind: help businesses find the right employees. The employee scouting and qualification process is, in essence, outsourced to the staffing or temp agency. The current economy has harshly affected the creation and support of jobs. Although unemployment rates have dropped to 5.0% (as of April 2016, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics), it’s still not easy for people to find work using traditional or even online job hunting methods. There’s more competition. There are fewer open positions. Staffing firms and temp agencies provide employment options to many who would likely be without work if not for the valuable the opportunities contracted to these companies. Staffing and temp agencies allow individuals the ability to provide not only for themselves, but for their families as well.

As a staffing firm or temp agency, you are in a unique position. You must not only manage your on-site and contracted employees; you must also work with numerous businesses who are looking to contract their employment needs to you. Being in this unique position can lead to some tricky accounts receivable needs. Your employees cannot get paid until the company pays you. Receiving prompt payment is imperative to your businesses success.

It doesn’t just stop there. Your in-house employees get calls about how companies will be invoiced, when their payments will be due, and other billing questions. They need a written set of billing and payment processing policies and procedures to ensure that all questions are answered in the same way.

How Can Clients ARM Help Your Business With Its Needs?

According to Forbes.com, many companies choose to outsource all of their accounts receivable needs. It is a smart and financially beneficial option for businesses of any size. When you choose to outsource your accounts receivable, your business receives all of the benefits of having an in-house accounts receivable department for a fraction of the cost. Much like how businesses save time and money by using your skills, you can do the same when you partner with Clients ARM. We offer a full service remotely managed accounts receivable management department to your business.

Clients ARM can manage all of the day to day aspects of your accounts receivable needs. We will work with the companies you contract with to ensure that payments owed are received promptly. We are able to set up agreements for payment arrangements, help with your weekly or monthly billing, and keep all of your documentation up to date. We understand that if payment for services is delayed it not only affects your company financially, it also affects your contracted employees.

In the event that a payment is delayed, Clients ARM will contact the company, on your behalf, and work with them to ensure payment is received. We will not only provide reminder statements, we will make friendly soft collection calls, and help find payment solutions that will benefit both your company and your client. If there is a default on payment, Clients ARM offers numerous options to assist in the collection process as well.

How We Help Your Clients Pay You in Full

A unique service offered by Clients ARM is our Hello Finance Manager service. This is a service in which we will work to link your client with a lender so that they are able to receive a loan and pay you in full. This removes the risk of delinquent accounts for you and allows your client to pay for your services and get what they need.

Clients ARM Can Help You Collect on Delinquent Accounts

We also offer a fully licensed and bonded collection agency in several states. Although third party collections should be a last resort, we can help you get paid while retaining a positive view of your company. We will follow all guidelines and laws set up by the Fair Debt Collections Practices, local collections laws, and use good old fashioned customer service techniques to help you get paid.

Clients ARM stays up-to-date on the laws and regulations regarding accounts management services, accounts receivable practices, and collections. This knowledge benefits your business in many ways You cutting edge service and written policies and procedures based on current best practices. You get the best at the fraction of the price.

Our knowledge, experience, and our ability to work remotely with your office will save your company money and provide you with the peace of mind. You’re not just working with any remote company. You’re partnering with Clients ARM – a company with more than 30 years of Director-level accounts receivable management and collections experience.

Valuable Customized Solutions

You provide an extremely valuable service. Our goal is to help you manage all of the other aspects of your business so that you have the ability to focus on what you do best: helping those in need find the employment options which are the best fit for them, along with providing businesses with the staffing assistance they need. Clients ARM provides valuable customized solutions. We understand that no two businesses are the same. That’s why we provide our free process review. There’s no obligation to find out how your business can get the custom solutions it needs in your highly competitive field. Contact us today for your free, no-obligation process review. Find out for yourself just how much time and money you can save by partnering with Clients ARM.