Do You Think You’re Offering Excellent Customer Service? Take This Quiz

Do You Think You’re Offering Excellent Customer Service? Take This Quiz

Customer service ranks high on what your business must provide. You may know the downfalls of what can happen if you don’t offer excellent customer service. Customer service makes clients happy and happy clients stay loyal. If you don’t provide excellent customer service, your clients may disappear. Do you think you offer excellent customer service? Find out by taking the quiz below.

  1. Your client leaves several messages on your phone and email, urgently trying to get ahold of you. Do you?
  2. Listen to the messages, but don’t worry about getting back with your client until the end of the day. After all, you have other work to do.
  3. Call them back immediately after listening to the messages. If they call that many times they must need immediate assistance!
  4. Forget about the emails and voicemails for a few days, but eventually get back to them. You do apologize for the delay, though.


  1. You are dealing with a difficult client. They call you names and tell you that you’re trying to cheat them out of their money. Do you?
  2. Give in to their bullying and give them what they want.
  3. Calmly tell them what was agreed to and ask them if they are willing to go over the contract again so you can explain it. You refuse to give into anger.
  4. Give into anger, yelling at your client, insulting them, and refusing to work with them anymore.


  1. Your client asks you to send them a confirmation of receipt when you receive their check. Do you?
  2. Send it a week or two later. No big rush, right?
  3. Send it as soon as their check is processed and call to confirm that they received it.
  4. Don’t send one. After all, they can see it when it comes out of their account, right?


  1. It’s appropriate to ask your client if he wants to upgrade their service when they call to complain.
  2. Always!


  1. You keep client records. What do you record in their records?
  2. Name, address, phone number, and email.
  3. Name, address, phone number, email, preferences, and notes.
  4. Name, phone number, and email.


  1. How do you thank your clients?
  2. A thank you over the phone or email or a thank you written on their invoice is a nice touch I always add!
  3. I send my clients a nice gift or thank you note at least once a year so they know I appreciate them.
  4. I sometimes thank my clients over the phone.


  1. How often do you follow-up with your clients?
  2. I could do better, but I follow-up with my clients at least three-fourths of the time.
  3. I follow-up with my client every time, asking if they received what they expected.
  4. What is this follow-up you speak of?



Mostly A: Your Customer Service is Average.

You are doing okay when you bring customer service to your clients. However, you aren’t bringing excellent customer service to them. Take a long look at your customer service and ask if you would be okay receiving that same service. Better yet, survey your clients and ask how you can improve.

Mostly B: Your Customer Service is Excellent!

You provide your clients with only the best. They must love you! Keep up the great work.

Mostly C: Your Customer Service Needs Work.

Let’s be honest, your customer service needs some work. If you put the work into it, you can achieve excellent customer service! Remember that happy clients refer you out to others.

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