The Myths About Productivity

The Myths About Productivity

The Myths About Productivity

You can implement productivity techniques into your business or life to get more done. However, there are many myths about productivity that won’t help you – they’ll hurt you. They hinder your ability to get things done. They take up your time and energy. If you are participating the following productivity myths, read this post in its entirety to find out how you can actually improve.

Productivity Myth #1 – Multitasking Helps You Get More Done

Multitasking has been taught as the way to get more done in a shorter amount of time. When multitasking, we are led to believe that we are focusing and completing many tasks at once. Realistically, you shuffle from one task to another, dividing your attention between them. Instead of boosting your productivity, it minimizes it and makes you prone to making more mistakes because your attention is elsewhere.

How to fix it: Mono-task.

By mono-tasking, you focus your attention and time on one task at a time. This increases your productivity. Your tasks get the attention they deserve from you. There are fewer mistakes. This produces better results for your clients. They’re happier; and happy clients make referrals. To mono-task efficiently, you must ensure that you are properly managing your time during the day.

Productivity Myth #2 – Improper Use of a To-Do List

To-do lists are great for writing out what you need to do and referencing it later when you may have forgotten. If you find yourself not completing what you've written on your to-do list, you may not be writing and utilizing your to-do list correctly. The effects of a poorly utilized to-do list affect your productivity.

How to fix it: Correctly write and use your to-do list.

To properly use your to-do list correctly, write down your list as you always do. Next, decide which the three things you must get done that day are and place an identifying mark next to them. Add deadlines for yourself for the day even if there are no client deadline. Track what you accomplish on your list, by checking them off. You can even break down the items on your list into steps.

Productivity Myth #3 - Thinking You Must Stay Busy

Productivity is not about busyness. Being busy to you may mean making calls, emailing clients, checking accounts receivable, organizing your desk or files, making lists, or any of your endless tasks you do to manage your business. Busyness is not the same thing as productivity. Busyness is simply the art of being busy. Productivity is the art of getting tasks done in an efficient manner.

How to fix it: Be productive instead of busy.

Productive individuals get more done. They don't tire themselves out by simply staying busy with minute tasks that may be done at any time. Work on projects that actually produce revenue for your company. Yes, some of those “busy tasks” are essential. However, those can be scheduled in. Don’t work on them just for the sake of working. This takes you away from business building. Busy tasks can be delegated to others.

Productivity Myth #4 - Taking on the Biggest Item First

The biggest item can be the hardest to do. It seems like common sense to get it done first so you can feel relieved and less stressed for the rest of the day. For some people, this works perfectly well. However, it doesn’t work for everyone. You may recall being stuck on a large task all day and by the time you finished it, feeling drained and wanting nothing more than to play Candy Crush for the rest of the day.

How to fix it: Tackle the small tasks first.

Tackling small tasks gives you plenty of time to deal with the bigger ones. You may find yourself less stressed when you don't have the little tasks and can fully focus on the larger issues at hand even if it is in the later hours of the day. Also, you may want to arrange your schedule where you focus on the important issues during the time of the day when you feel most productive and refreshed.

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