Technology Could Make You Less Productive! Here’s How to Protect Your Productivity!

Technology Could Make You Less Productive! Here’s How to Protect Your Productivity!

The purpose of technology is to make life easier. Yet, it can make you less productive. Here’s how you can protect your productivity while still embracing technological advancements.

Properly Handle Your Email

Email is meant to be another way that we can communicate with others. We often feel tethered to it. It comes in on our computers, our phones, and our tablets. There’s practically a constant pull to stop what we’re doing and check our email right away. This creates a problem with our time management and our focus. Did you know that most people spend six hours of their work day handling email? It’s important that you learn how to properly handle your email so that you can remain productive. Here are some tips:

  • Don’t send an email for something that would take ten seconds to get an answer on. Pick up the phone or walk to the desk of the person you need an answer from. Simple questions and questions that need an immediate answer should be dealt with through other means of communication where possible.
  • Turn off new email notifications from your phone, your computer, and your tablet. Consider how often you stop what you’re doing and jump straight into your email. Your email will still be there later. If people really need an answer from you, they can call you.
  • Pick specific times to check your email and stick to those times. During that time, you’ll delete junk mail, read emails, and reply where necessary. Scheduling time for your email may seem like a minor change, but the benefits will blow your mind.

Turn Your Phone on Vibrate or Silent

Smartphones are another piece of technology that should be a helpful utility. Many people feel enslaved by it. They answer every phone call, text, email, and social media notification the minute it comes in. Turn your phone on vibrate or on silent. Then, turn your phone over (if your screen lights up) or put it in your desk drawer. Putting your phone out of your site will help you remain focused on the project in front of you.

Control Your Social Media Time

You may not recognize just how much time you’re spending on social media by checking it for “just a minute or two.” On average, people spend almost 800 hours each year on social media. You could be spending as much as 15 hours or more on social media each week. A lot of that time is when you’re supposed to be working. Ultimately, the key to controlling your social media time is self-discipline. However, consider the fact that most people complain that they get on Facebook to see what’s new and realize that there’s nothing new. It’s the same commentary day after day. The notifications, photos, comments, likes, and conversations will still be there at the end of the day.

Manage What’s Important in Your Business

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