Social Media Tips for Small Business Owners

Social Media Tips for Small Business Owners

Social Media Tips for Small Business Owners

Between television, radio, print, and social media, what is the fastest, easiest way to market? Social media, of course! Social media gets your message delivered straight to your clients and potential clients via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, and a whole myriad of other platforms. As a small business owner, your income has the potential to grow substantially because you’re able to reach a larger portion of your target market. In order to make money, you must bring your target market to your website to visit your blog or news section. Social media happens to be one of the easiest ways to do this. Using social media is an often-overlooked way to grow your readership and business. Use these social media tips to spread your blog to the masses.

Choose Your Social Media Platforms

To start bringing traffic to your blog, choose social media platforms where your target market can be found. Choose platforms you already know from personal use or you know you can learn quickly. You can start a page or a profile specifically for your business and maintain your personal account as well. Keep in mind that some social media platforms have rules related to whether you can advertise your business on a personal profile. Although the rules may not be strictly enforced, some personal profiles on Facebook have been shut down for business use. With that being said, your personal profiles should include links to your website and directly to your business’ blog.

Link Your Social Media Account

On your blog page, you can access social media accounts through icons or buttons. Set these buttons so that if your readers click on them, they take them to your social media profiles. Display these buttons clearly. They may be displayed at the top, on the side, or at the bottom of your blog. Linking your social media accounts gives your readers an easy, straightforward way to find you. Your updates and statuses will show up on their feed making it easy to get back to your blog.

Use Link Shortening Tools

Link shortening tools do exactly what their name implies. They shorten your web links. On social media, a shortened link is often prettier and simpler than having to deal with the original link. Some link shortening tools give you metrics as well. With this insight, you can see who clicked and at what time. Google has a free link shortening tool that you can use. This can be a helpful resource for your business blog!

RSS Feed on LinkedIn

If you have a LinkedIn profile, consider placing the RSS feed to your business blog on your profile. Most website platforms make it easy to do that. You're not only sharing your blog, you're showing your professional peers your communication skills.

Consider Pinterest

Consider using Pinterest as a social media platform. Pinterest, if you aren't already using it personally, is like on online bulletin board. You pin photos which link to websites. This can help you as a business provided that you use interesting images and titles that attract users. Your blog most likely uses pictures in the posts (if not you should start using them!). These pictures can be pinned to Pinterest, making it easy for new readers to find and share your work. To make it even easier, you can add a Pinterest plugin to your blog called the "Pin It!" plugin. This way your readers can share your blog quickly and easily without leaving your blog.

Be Present, Stay Consistent

Having social media isn't the only way you can to drive traffic. You must be present and stay consistent. Being present includes liking or following other blogs as well as responding to your social media followers. Make sure that you stay consistent, too. Choose a time of day or day of the week you'll most often post. Regularly updating your business blog will help your search engine ranking placement.

Use Facebook's Scheduling Tool

When you take a look around on your blog's Facebook page, you may notice a scheduling tool. This tool comes in handy for scheduling updates and statuses in the future when you won't necessarily be online to post them. It's very easy to learn and easy to use as a social media tool for your blog! Unlike other scheduling tools which can cost you your hard earned money, the scheduling tool on Facebook is free.

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