Is Simplicity a Key for Business Success?

Is Simplicity a Key for Business Success?

The Internet made it easier for clients to have access to a larger pool of businesses to meet their needs. Because of this, businesses of every size look to offer services that are newer, faster, and better. Sometimes in an attempt to become thought of as an expert in a specific industry, a business will look to implement changes in how they do business. They may think the changes help them on the administrative end, but what if clients don’t flock to the business? What if existing clients leave? Could it be that simplicity is one of the keys to business success?

We’re Not Saying Give Up All Technology

Technology is supposed to make life better for all of us. It’s important to look at what you’ve implemented as a business from two points of view: from the business management side and from the viewpoint of the client. Using technology to help with tasks that are a natural part of business management is nice. It can help you save time. Those solutions should be carefully reviewed also by how the client or potential clients may be affected. If it makes it harder for people to do business with you, they will give their money to another business.

Areas Where Simplicity Is Key to Client Happiness

When clients are happy with your services, you’ll make more money. They will return to you to have their needs met. They’ll refer their friends, family members, and colleagues to you. Some choose to follow you on social media and share your posts. Others will leave positive reviews.

You may think that the quality of your services is all that you must concern yourself with. However, that’s not true. While great service is one of the most important reasons people will come to you, it’s not the only consideration. Do you want to do business with a company that makes you wait too long for service? What if it’s nearly impossible to talk to a person? What if they make it difficult to pay your bill?

Sometimes, business owners don’t think about how the way they run their business will affect their clients. Here are some key areas where simplicity is a key to client happiness:

Talking to a real person without a long wait. If you have an automated phone system, make sure that it is simple to use. Potential clients don’t need to call and be given a phone directory. There’s an almost 100% likelihood that they don’t know who they need to speak with. Instead, your clients and potential clients should be able to get to a person in just the push of one button. If you’re looking to keep expenses down while keeping clients happy, Clients ARM provides virtual receptionist services that enables your clients to set appointments, leave messages with a real person, and even get answers to customer service and billing questions. Bonus for businesses: it’s around 40% less expensive to use Clients ARM than to hire a full-time receptionist.

Empower your employees to help. Clients and potential clients don’t want to get passed around from person to person either through email or over the phone. A client or potential client should never hear or read “That’s not my job.” They shouldn’t hear or read “I can’t help you.” Empower your employees to provide solutions. If the problem can only be solved by another department, phone transfers should be made after giving the client or potential client the name and phone number of the person who can help. If the situation involves email, the email should be forwarded to the right person with the client or potential client CC’d. You should be professional and polite in the exchange.

Simplified billing and payment processes. Your clients shouldn’t wonder where their invoice is each and every month. Your team should stay on top of billing and ensure that invoices go out when they should. One way to expedite this process is to make sure that your company uses electronic invoices for clients who have an email address. You can always print out a physical copy and mail it to clients who prefer hard copies. Additionally, your billing software should allow clients to pay their bill online.

Let Clients ARM Help!

If you’re ready to simplify your business processes and you’re not sure where to get started, Clients ARM can help. Call us today to schedule your free consultation with our CEO. There’s no obligation. We can help you find solutions that will work for your business.