Simple Tips to Make Your Small Business Thrive

Simple Tips to Make Your Small Business Thrive

Your business keeps food on the table, your employees paid, and your clients happy. Whether you are just starting out or have been in business for years, making your business thrive is important. With all the information on how to move forward and thrive that is available on the Internet, you head may be spinning. The fact is, it can be hard to wade through the excess information to pick and choose what feels right to you. Since you’ve found this article, continue reading to find out 5 simple tips to make your business thrive.

Survey Your Clients to See What They Want and Need

Your clients are people with needs. You know that they hired you to make their lives easier. You want to give them exactly what they want and need. But how? If your clients tend to move on or if potential clients look you over and you rarely hear back, it’s time to see exactly what you don’t offer that your clients want or need from you. Send your clients or potential clients surveys, especially if they decide to move on. Ask them what you missed and how you could do better. By surveying clients, you can find out how to make your services and business better. This can make your business thrive!

Be Willing to Talk and Listen to Your Clients

If you only talk to your clients when you are trying to sell something to them, you’re doing it wrong. Your clients come to you for help, but they don’t want you to just try to sell them something. Offer advice or help when a client needs it. Don’t make it a sales pitch. If your advice works, the client could come back needing your services or spread the word that you helped them. They might tell their friends and family about you, especially if they know what you do. Be willing to talk and listen to your clients. What your clients say to you about your services, your business, and their needs can be better than ever hiring a consultant. You get first hand market input.

Show Up Where They Are

Whether it’s social media, networking events, or trade shows, you need to show up to be present to your clients. You can start by looking for opportunities to network. Ask other small businesses in your town if you can leave business cards somewhere and offer to do the same for them. Rent a booth at trade shows, host a giveaway, give out pens, candies, or even cups with your business name and logo on them. Start a social media channel. Post interesting information, give a discount for mentioning your social media channel, and don’t forget to engage with your audience and other channels. Show up in your client's lives to boost your business and make it thrive.

Bid on Government Contracts

Government contracts can grow your business. Depending on the services that your business provides, you should check out the opportunities your local city or state government needs. The government needs services just like any other client. It may take a lot of time and patience to lay the groundwork to secure these contracts, but they can be worth it.


Outsourcing some of your business needs can actually make your business thrive. Think of it this way: you’re overwhelmed by the sheer amount of work you need to do, but you want to expand. Why not let outsource work to a company who can take care of your customer service, manage your accounts receivable department, worry about your billing, or ensure that any overdue invoices get paid through collections? It can be a scary step. It can also free up your valuable time so you can grow your business and watch it thrive.

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