A Simple Plan for Client Retention!

A Simple Plan for Client Retention!

Client retention is the process of keeping your clients happy so that they continue to spend money with your business. Client retention is important for two reasons. First, it creates a stable income for your business. You get a core group of clients that continue to use their services or refer you to their friends, family members, and acquaintances. Second, client acquisition is expensive. It’s much cheaper to keep your current clients than to acquire new ones through marketing.

Now that you understand why client retention is important, you can see the need for a client retention plan. Clients ARM is here to help! Here is a simple plan you can use for client retention.

Create Special Incentives for Existing Clients

One thing that you’ll notice when it comes to marketing is that everything is geared toward getting new clients through the door. Just think about all the specials that you see that are aimed toward new clients. It’s a great way to get new clients in the door, but it’s not enough to keep them. One special rate doesn’t create a lifetime of loyalty.

With time, clients may begin to feel like the business doesn’t really care about them. You can fix this feeling. Think about special incentives for existing clients. Create an annual loyalty discount. Send birthday or holiday cards. Develop an incentive program that rewards existing clients for continuing to use your services. For example, for every successful referral a client provides, your client would receive between 10% and 25% off of their next purchase from your business.

Ensure Your Customer Care Is Proactive

Customer care shouldn’t happen only when clients are upset with you. It should be a proactive experience that minimizes negative client encounters. Look for ways in your industry and within your business that you can be proactive. Start by thinking about the little things that inconvenience you when you need a service. Is it the wait time on the phone? Is it getting the run around instead of getting the information you need? You can create solutions for every issue. For example, think about banks and other businesses that have an automatic call back that allows customers to enter their phone number and not lose their place in the queue. They don’t have to sit on hold. They still get the help they need. One way to make sure your clients get the information they need is to contact each client one day after you’ve provided a service or consulted with them. The purpose of this follow-up is to make sure that they don’t have any questions or concerns that came up after the last time you spoke with them.

Don’t Sell Clients What They Don’t Need

The purpose of your business is to make money. However, that shouldn’t come at the expense of what is in the best interest of your clients. If you sell clients something they don’t need, they’ll become unhappy with your services and leave. They’ll likely complain to others, too. Be a provider that strives to meet the exact needs of clients. Honesty and integrity are qualities that clients appreciate.

Survey Your Clients

The best possible way for you to grow your business while ensuring clients remain with you is to find out from your clients exactly what they think of you, your business, and your services. Feedback from your clients is a gift. This is a great way to find out if you’re meeting their needs and what you can do better.

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