The Secret to Marketing Your Service Based Business

The Secret to Marketing Your Service Based Business

The Secret to Marketing Your Service Based Business

Effectively marketing your business can seem ominous. Service based businesses have to use techniques that do not work for businesses seeking to market a product. However, marketing your business can be easy and simple if you focus on the basics.

The Secret? Your Client Is Your Greatest Weapon in Marketing

Your client is the most essential aspect to marketing your business. You are the person your client trusts. Building a solid relationship with your clients serves two purposes: maintaining your business and creating new business.

So, how does this happen? Your client will continue to seek out your services based on results, professionalism, a good relationship, and communication. A satisfied client will tell their family and friends about their experience. Word of mouth remains the single most effective form of advertising. Future clients will seek you out because of a past or current client.

Client Incentives

Offering your clients incentives or perks for referrals can often encourage them to seek out friends, family, and professional colleagues that may be timid about reaching out to you. A discount, a gift card, or any other small incentive may be a minor investment for obtaining new clients.

Seek to Repair a Client’s Bad Experience

If a client has a negative experience, the most effective course of action is positive resolution. Even in the time when a miscommunication occurs, it is key to find common ground to repair the damage. Often, the miscommunication stems from a simple incident that can be easily resolved. Taking the time to talk it out with your client, being a listening ear, can help de-escalate the tension and repair the relationship. In remote situations where resolution isn’t possible, the effort made can leave a good impression.

Get Involved With the Internet and Social Media

Be social and active! A sharp website that provides clear and concise information will speak volumes about your business. Most websites that you can build on your own for free even include a contact form that potential clients can use to contact you.

Utilizing social media in a positive way will connect you with your clients and allow your clients to share their experiences with you and their friends. It is also a great way to stay ahead of the curve with your competitors. Take the time to learn how to make social media work for you.

Provide Competitive Rates

Is the value of your business competitive? If you undervalue your business, you will never be successful. Businesses that do not base their rates competitively will lose money. Undercharging or even overcharging will have negative effects on your business. Pay attention to what your competitors are offering. Does it make sense for your business? If so, how can you make it better and more effective for your business?

Get Involved in Your Community

Be an active part of your local community. Being active in events, charities, and community drives is a great way to meet potential clients. It allows your clients and future clients to interact with you and your team in a positive manner.

Get Help With Your Customer Service

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