How Policies and Procedures Can Improve Your Business

How Policies and Procedures Can Improve Your Business


If you’re a business owner or even if you’re just thinking about start a small business, you need policies and procedures. Although it may seem like something you really don’t need, particularly if your business is only comprised of one or two other people, policies and procedures really can improve your business. Consider the following points and imagine how they could help your business.

Policies and Procedures Bring Structure

Structure is very important in running a business. Even if you start the business on your own, there may come a time when you bring someone in to help you in some capacity. Whether it is help with client intake, billing, or customer service, it is imperative that you have steps written out on how you want each matter in each position handled.

Written policies and procedures bring consistency to your business. This is important for your clients and your future employees. It ensures that all clients are treated in the same fair manner. It also gives your employees a set of guidelines to complete their duties.

Structure for your clients and your employees is crucial to the success of your business. Because your policies and procedures are in writing, your clients know how certain issues are handled. This helps create trust between you and your clients. For your employees, written procedures help ensure that no steps are missed in the completion of a task. This is incredibly important in most business, but in some industries, such as medical and legal, missed steps can lead to lawsuits.

Compliance and Auditing

If you work in an industry that involves compliance or audits, written policies and procedures are absolutely essential. These policies will guide your employees in the proper steps. Because each step is documented, your company is less likely to be flagged for compliance issues. This actually takes us right on into the next point.

Policies and Procedures Act as Training Manuals

Regardless of whether you just hired someone, plan to hire someone, or if you have an employee that you’re going to give new responsibilities, policies and procedures that are in writing are an important tool. This is because your employees can use them as a training manual. Well written policy and procedures manuals outline every step in every task. This isn’t because you think that your employee isn’t smart. It is to act as a comprehensive guide. Your employees know that if they’re stuck, they can look in the manual for an answer.

Measuring Performance

When you bring on a new employee, you may give them 90 days to acclimate to their duties before you truly begin to measure their performance. Having written policies and procedures can help you measure the performance of your employee. You should also consider whether they just try to figure it out on their own if they get stuck or if they consult the manual. If they consult the manual and they can’t find the answer, it is your job to make sure that the answer is added to the manual and that a new manual is printed as soon as possible.

Professional Help With Your Policies and Procedures

If you already have policies and procedures in place for your company, they should be reviewed and updated on an annual basis. Clients ARM is here to help. With more than 30 years of director-level experience, we can help you review, write, or update your policies and procedures manual. In fact, if you’re looking to write a new manual or if you have questions about best practices, contact us now and schedule your free, no-obligation review. We’d love to talk with you and help you take your business to the next level. Contact us now!