Overlooked Business Growth Opportunities: Are You Hurting Your Business?

Overlooked Business Growth Opportunities: Are You Hurting Your Business?

Overlooked Business Growth Opportunities: Are You Hurting Your Business?

Business growth is mandatory. Even if you aren’t looking to become the go-to person in your industry, business growth is essential. Even if you never take on an employee, you must continue to increase revenue. This isn’t just so that you’re able to provide yourself with a paycheck. It’s also because the cost of running a business continues to increase.

Often, new business owners will think up one or two main ways to market their services. While this could get clients in the proverbial door, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your business will continue to go. Yes, it is easier to continue to sell to existing clients than it is to acquire a new client. However, if you are looking to acquire new clients, there are some simple business growth opportunities that you may be overlooking.

Local Newspapers

Talk with your local newspapers and local small town newspapers if you are releasing a new service. You should also talk to them and ask if they are interested in interviewing you as a local business owner. If you enjoy writing, you might ask if you can contribute a small piece about a topic you know a lot about. This piece isn’t meant to act as a sales ad for your business. Rather, it gets you a byline (a few sentences that mention who you are and what you do) and continues to define you as an expert. Small town newspapers are often quite excited to get exclusive pieces that people can enjoy and learn something from.

Contact Local Schools

Schools in your area need volunteers. Junior Achievement teaches career and businesses classes to students from fifth grade through high school. You can visit with students once a week for just an hour or two. Your presence can help teach students the foundations of business and it can help you guide the next generation of entrepreneurs.

If you’re a doctor, talk with the schools to find out when they are going to offer a health fair to their students and parents. You could offer to volunteer to speak with students and parents regarding heart health, high blood pressure, diabetes, and exercise. You could bring business cards as well. This is a great way to get your name out into the community.

Join Your Local Chamber of Commerce

Regardless of whether you offer your service online, join your local Chamber of Commerce. Joining the Chamber of Commerce is a great way to get involved and get your name out. They often have meetings and seminars that would help you introduce your business to others.

Have an Online Presence

Having an online presence is more than having a Facebook or Twitter account. Creating a webpage or a blog that showcases your knowledge as a business owner is a great way to grow your business. You can also talk with other business owners and trade guest posts.

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