What You Need to Know About Medical Billing in 2016

What You Need to Know About Medical Billing in 2016

The nature of medical billing, coding, insurance, and collections are ever changing. There are countless regulations in place to govern how practices bill for services. Physicians are left needing to juggle between providing care to patients and ensuring the back-office is running efficiently. Finding balance to maintain your practice is the goal. That’s why we’ve put together this post. Although medical doctors are experts on the human body, they often don’t know the basics of medical billing. This primer is going to tell you what you need to know about medical billing in 2016.

Electronic Health Records

Electronic health records, EHR, is a widespread type of software that medical practices are utilizing to streamline how they track patient records and coding. It also allows practices to use less paper. Electronic records replace the standard medical folders that take up space. It also allows for easier sharing between medical professionals to ensure a client receives adequate care and increases accuracy. Online record keeping frees up time for your back-office.

Changes in Coding

Recently, ICD-10 has changed the way services are coded. ICD-10 requires precise diagnostic codes. It’s a tedious exercise to ensure patient records are properly coded. The process is longer than the previously used ICD-9, as it decreases the previous vague codes used in diagnosing. ICD-10 also increases reimbursement from insurance companies with the goals of providing consistency and decreasing fraud. EHR programs come into play with ICD-10, but many have some fears that the combination of the two can decrease job demands.

Billing and Your Back-Office

Your back-office is still of great value to your practice. ICD-10 may focus on accurate coding and billing, but it requires well-trained staff to navigate and problem-solve to effectively bill. Do you have a small medical office or in a remote area and don’t have access to quality medical coders, billers, and other back-office staff? Clients ARM can help! We also a wide range of services such as coding, billing, and patient intake for medical facilities of all size. We work remotely and save you both time and money!

How Can Clients ARM Assist Your Practice?

Clients ARM understands that utilizing your back-office to focus on patient records and diagnostic codes is important. You would not be in service without them. We can handle outstanding accounts for you. Customer service is our core value. We work with your clients to find solutions to their outstanding account or try to help them to avoid not paying before their next appointment. We do this by helping them find a loan to suit their specific needs. Your success is our success.

Clients ARM Is a Professional Service

Clients ARM is a professional accounts receivable management company. We are also licensed as a collections agency in several states. We strive to provide service providers a devoted partner as they help others. We work tirelessly work on behalf of you, our client, to ensure your needs are met.

Free Process Review

As a doctor or other medical professional, you’re eligible for a free process review by Clients ARM. It’s fast. It’s simple. There’s no obligation. You’ll learn more about your own accounts receivable process and how it can be made better. You can even learn how partnering with Clients ARM can save you time and money. What are you waiting for? Book your free process review now. You’ll be glad that you did!