Moving Beyond the Norm: How Partnering with a Remote Provider Can Grow Your Business

Moving Beyond the Norm: How Partnering with a Remote Provider Can Grow Your Business

Moving Beyond the Norm: How Partnering with a Remote Provider Can Grow Your Business

At some point as a business owner, you find yourself having to make some extremely tough choices. Do you simply accept that you can’t continue to grow your business and remain part of the status quo? Do you look for a solution that enables your business to keep growing?

Can Your Business Afford to Keep Growing?

Growing your business costs money. There are only so many hours in a day. You can only devote your time to so many things. When you begin to think about growing your business, you must first consider the financial state of your company. Can you afford to bring in the experienced team members that you need to continue to provide excellent service to your client and to bring in more clients?

Growth costs money, but it is also an investment into your future success. It is a consideration that you must take quite seriously. If you determine that you do, indeed, have the funds to continue to grow your business, you have to make another important decision. What is the best and most cost-effective way to do that?

If you’re looking to grow your business, you should consider partnering with a remote provider. A remote provider can help you grow your business. You get the support and expertise that you need at a fraction of the cost. Here are some of the ways that partnering with a remote provider can grow your business:

Remote Providers Make Your Business More Productive

Imagine how much you could get done if you had two of you. Now, imagine how much you could get done if you no longer had to handle administrative tasks such as billing, collections, and customer care. What if you were able to totally focus your time and energy on providing your services and looking for new clients?

Remote providers such as Clients ARM makes your business more productive. We do this by developing a custom approach to meet your needs. We offer a variety of remote services for your business. We take care of your business like you would. You get to continue to grow your bottom line.

Remote Providers Provide Serious Expertise

What would you expect to pay someone with 30 years of director-level experience to come in and help your business? That is some serious expertise. Clients ARM provides director-level expertise for our clients at a fraction of the cost of a traditional employee. Your business saves on:

  • Overhead. We work from our own U.S. based office. You save money on workers’ compensation insurance, benefits, and even on taxes.
  • Training costs. Often, when you hire a new employee, you must absorb the costs associated with training your new employee and also their continuing education. When you partner with Clients ARM, you no longer worry about this expense. We are experts in our field and we take care of our own continuing education.
  • Salary. Clients ARM costs just a portion of what you’d spend to hire a traditional employee. Think about this – in addition to salary, you must also pay a portion of your employee’s insurance expenses. Then, there’s paid time off, sick leave, and vacation days. Can your business afford to pay someone if they’re not in the office? Also consider whether you feel comfortable paying hourly for someone to sit around the office after they’ve completed their tasks for the day. Clients ARM works on an affordable flat rate basis. You don’t pay us for time off or for vacation days.

Remote Providers Can Care for Your Clients

One of our most popular services is our customer service option. Your clients continue to call your number. You provide us with an unused extension for your office and your client calls roll straight to our U.S. based office. We can help with client intake, customer service, billing questions, collections, and more. Clients ARM represents you. We understand just how important client loyalty is to your business. We use old fashioned customer service principles to take care of your clients just like if they were our own.

Clients ARM Provides Custom Service Packages

Clients ARM understands that your business is your main concern. We’re here to help. We provide free process reviews without any obligation to help determine which of our services would be best for your business. We can assist you by writing your policies and procedures, customer service needs, electronic insurance claim submission, IOLTA trust management, and more. Give us a call today to learn how we can help!