More Money, More Clients: How to Help People Afford Your Services

More Money, More Clients: How to Help People Afford Your Services

More Money, More Clients: How to Help People Afford Your Services

As a service provider, you have two goals. Your first goal is to provide your community with a needed service. Your second goal is to make money. It can be hard to make money when people who fall within your target market need your service, but they don’t have the money to secure your services. Attorneys and doctors, for example, are two of the most needed services in every community. Yet, not everyone who needs the services provided by these two professions can afford to get the help that they need.

The Financial Pinch

The financial pinch of people not being able to get the services they need isn’t just limited to the people who are in need. As a service provider, you’ll feel the pinch, too. That’s money that you could have made if there were a solution that would help the potential clients come up with a way to pay you. Wouldn’t you like more clients who pay in full before services are rendered? Of course you would.

How to Help People Pay for Your Services

As a service provider, you do have options to help people have the ability to pay for your services. You could offer a line of credit. If you decide to implement a credit line, you’ll want to make sure that you understand exactly how to set the proper credit controls. Bringing a line of credit into your business can take time to accomplish.

Another option is to offer a payment plan. You could require a retainer of some sort and then set your new client up on a monthly payment plan. Of course, this also creates some amount of risk for you as a service provider. It could be that the person isn’t able to come up with the money for the retainer. It could be that they cannot or do not make their monthly payment.

The best option is to give your potential clients a resource that they can use in order to apply for a loan that will render your services paid in full. This takes out most of the risk for service providers since the fee owed is paid. There’s no delinquent account. There’s no awkward encounter when they attend an appointment with you having not already made their monthly payment.

Protect Your Bottom Line

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