Looking to Offer Alternative Payment Option? ClientsARM Can Help!

Looking to Offer Alternative Payment Option? ClientsARM Can Help!

Looking to Offer Alternative Payment Options? Clients ARM Can Help!

Providing your clients with the best experience can go well beyond the services you offer. There will be clients who fall on financial hardships, leaving them unable to pay their invoice on time. You’ve worked hard to develop a relationship with your clients and it can be tough to have to resort to collections to get your money. However, sending an account to collections isn’t your only option. You can offer a line of credit or finance alternatives to assist your clients in paying your services.

Both options can potentially cost your business more money than it is worth. It can also create a big headache. At Clients ARM we know there are risks involved when it comes to collecting payment. We offer both types of services that can benefit your business and your clients.

Extend a Line of Credit Hello Credit Manager

Hello Credit Manager is an affordable service that extends a line of credit to existing and prospective clients. It is a unique online service that processes credit applications. It can also verify references and conduct a credit check on behalf of your company, saving you time and allowing your staff to focus on other aspects of your business. When the application has been processed, a line of credit with a limit will be determined. Clients ARM will notify the client, on your behalf, about the credit decision and options available to them.

Hello Credit Manager is a great tool that sets a proper credit limit and helps ensure that your client doesn’t receive a line of credit that they cannot afford.

Finance Options – Hello Finance Manager

If you decide to forgo offering a line of credit, Hello Finance Manager may be the perfect option for your clients. Hello Finance Manager assists your clients by finding a lender that will get them the funds they need to pay you in full for your services. It’s a service that is absolutely free for your clients. Hello Finance Manager can be accessed via our page or they can call us directly. It’s important to meet the needs of your customers. By referring your clients to Hello Finance Manager, you’re showing your clients that you care enough to help them solve their problems.

Once your client is matched and approved by a lender, they will receive a lump sum of money to pay for your services. Your client will may any loan repayments to the lender. Leaving you without the hassle of collecting loan payments and being the middle man. Clients ARM works directly with your client and the lender to ensure a smooth transaction.

Hello Finance Manager is not just for your clients. If you find yourself in need of additional funding to expand or start a new business, Hello Finance Manager may be able to pair you with a lender who can help you. Your business will be matched to the best lender to fit your needs.

Clients ARM
Looking for other ways to improve your accounts receivable management process? Clients ARM can help! We offer a free process review that can help you spot areas that could benefit from new procedures. Clients ARM is the premier choice for professional business debt recovery. With more than 30 years of experience, Clients ARM takes pride in helping business owners just like you get the money that they are owed. Contact us today to schedule your free review.