Life Lessons: Remembering John Glenn

Life Lessons: Remembering John Glenn

Life Lessons: Remembering John Glenn

Senator John Glenn died on December 8, 2016. Senator Glenn was 95 year old. John Glenn is most often remember as an astronaut. His first excursion into space was in 1962. Glenn was also the oldest astronaut to ever venture into space; in 1998, Glenn was 77 years old when he returned to space.  John Glenn led a long, memorable life. Here are some lessons that we can all learn because of his legacy.

Inspiring the Next Generation

Senator John Glenn said in 2002, “To me, there is no greater calling, if I can inspire young people to dedicate themselves to the good of mankind, I’ve accomplished something.” Senator Glenn’s devotion to being an influence on generation after generation is important. We all learn by finding role models. Senator Glenn served as one of the best role models throughout the history of the world. Clients ARM has no doubt that he will continue to make a difference in the lives of others despite his passing.

Volunteering Is Important

Senator John Glenn was a man who devoted his entire life to scientific expansion and helping others. In 2009, he gave the keynote address at Ohio State University: “We are more fulfilled when we are involved in something bigger than ourselves.” He showed and continues to show the world that true fulfillment happens when we serve others. If you appreciate the life of Senator John Glenn, consider devoting an hour or two each week to volunteer your time in some way.

Doing the Best That We Can

Even before the 21st century, Senator John Glenn made a difference with his words. In a NASA news conference in 1959, Senator Glenn said, “We are placed here with certain talents and capabilities as best you can. If you do that, I think there is a power greater than any of us that will place opportunities in our way, and if we use our talents properly, we will be living the life we should live.”

We become successful as individuals and businesses when we use our talents and abilities as best we can. It brings us in front of opportunities that will improve our lives.

Just Say No to Being a Quitter

Another impressive quote from Senator John Glenn addressed perseverance. This was said by Senator Glenn when he retired from Congress in 1997 (a year before becoming the oldest astronaut to go into space): “Don’t tune out, cop out, or drop out. Don’t give in to complacency or cynicism. Don’t ignore what is bad, but concentrate on building what is good.”

His statement truly speaks for itself.

Clients ARM is saddened by the loss of Senator John Glenn, but we hope this small piece provides honor to his memory. He was truly an innovator and a man dedicated to the greater good.