International Women’s Day: How Running Your Own Business Continues Our Work Toward Equality

International Women’s Day: How Running Your Own Business Continues Our Work Toward Equality

International Women’s Day: How Running Your Own Business Continues Our Work Toward Equality

March 8th is celebrated as International Women’s Day. In 2017, one of the overlying themes is gender equality and showing the world what life would be like without women working outside of the home in some capacity. Sadly, many employers still pay women less when they are hired even if they are just as qualified as men in the same position. In 2015, a study was conducted by the Institute for Women’s Policy Research regarding the pay gap. Although the reasons for the pay gap are many, the study showed that women make 20% less than men in the same jobs.

Women Have Unique Needs as Employees

Throughout the entire life of a woman, she is bombarded with messages from television, her peers, and her family with what she is supposed to be. If she chooses to marry, have children, and stay home, she will hear that she doesn’t do enough or that she’s wasting her potential. If she chooses to work and not marry or have children, she’s told she is missing out. If she chooses to marry, have children, and work, it becomes a balancing act and leaves many women feeling as if they are a failure because they struggle to do it all.

For mothers who work outside of the home, sick days and vacation days are generally used to take care of sick children. Mom may have to go to work when she is sick because she can’t afford unpaid leave. They may not be able to make all of the school functions or sports functions. There could be late nights between making dinner, supervising homework, and spending time with the family.

Of course, every person who works, regardless of gender, have needs and complications in their lives at some point that have the potential to make their work life difficult. However, women are generally groomed to fulfill a “do it all” superwoman mentality. This makes the needs of women who work outside of the home especially unique.

Stay at Home Mothers Have Needs

There are several reasons why a mother may choose to stay home and care for her children. Sadly, they are often treated as less than by society. Maybe they aren’t using their education. Maybe they are fulfilling their dream by staying home. Maybe they understand the high cost of daycare. Even other women can be highly judgmental about stay at home mothers (regardless of why they’ve chosen to stay home).

One desire of many stay at home mothers is to help support the family while also being available for their children. Some choose to work part time while their children are in school. Some choose to work overnight hours so that they are home during the day with their children. Regardless, when they work outside of the home, they are often victims of pay inequality even if they are educated and experienced.

Women Owned Businesses Help Correct Pay Inequality

If you’re looking to level the playing field when it comes to pay, consider starting your own business. Women owned businesses help correct pay inequality and it helps women balance the unique needs they have as women. Women with children or who take care of elder family members are able to work their schedule around the needs of others.

When you create a business, you’re able to specify your own rates. Of course, there are some caveats to this. You must do research to know what acceptable rates are for someone in your chosen industry and with your experience. You must know the general rates of your competition (particularly in the area that you live – your cost of living can affect what others may be willing to pay for your services). Although there are risks involved in starting a business, it can be a key tool in making sure that you get a fair wage.

Need Funding for Your Business?

Starting a business can take time and money. Some businesses are less expensive than others to start. Once you’ve done your research on start-up costs, you may need to find funding. Clients ARM is a woman owned business and has been in your shoes. This is why Clients ARM offers a free tool that can help you get funding. Hello Finance Manager is a free tool that you can use to find a lender for your business needs. To learn how Hello Finance Manager can help you or if you have questions, give us a call. We’re happy to help.