The Importance of Avoiding Political Talk on Social Media as a Small Business

The Importance of Avoiding Political Talk on Social Media as a Small Business

The Importance of Avoiding Political Talk on Social Media as a Small Business

The current election cycle is one filled with a lot of animosity and fear from both sides of the equation. You may have noticed angry social media updates from your family or friends. As a small business owner, it is imperative that you avoid political talk on social media. Politics can be a slippery slope that can cost you a lot of business.

Even Disclaimers Can Be Dangerous

You may notice, particularly on Twitter, that people have more than one account. They have a personal account and they have a business account. Their personal account may give a disclaimer that states how their opinions are their own and not those of their employer. While a disclaimer may seem like the way to avoid problems for your small business, if people know about your business account through your personal account, you could still lose followers and potential business.

The Cost of Doing Business

Although everyone in our great nation has freedom of speech, no one is immune from the consequences of voicing an opinion that others don’t appreciate or agree with. Client acquisition is far more expensive than holding on to current clients. It’s also much easier to continue to sell to current clients than it is to establish a relationship of trust with a new client.

It Can Create Bad Will

Sometimes even sharing a piece from a newspaper or other media outlet can get you into trouble. Your social media followers may take something you sent out as your endorsement. It’s hard to recover from a damaged reputation.

People Are Looking to Divert Their Attention

With less than a month left before the elections, you may have noticed that people are looking to get away from politics. This is the perfect use for your social media accounts. Instead of potentially risking your business by posting about anything political, choose to post good stories that you find on the news or to discuss the current changes within your industry. This is a great way for you to show your expertise as a business and your professionalism.

Dealing with Naysayers

Social media can be a hotbed of contention. As such, there is a chance that even if you post something positive or something about your industry that someone on your friends list will post something negative about how a particular political candidate will affect your market. Do not respond to that negativity. Delete the comment. Do not ever engage with that sort of behavior because it, too, can harm your professional reputation.

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