How to Identify Red Flags and Avoid Hiring the Wrong Person

How to Identify Red Flags and Avoid Hiring the Wrong Person

How to Identify Red Flags and Avoid Hiring the Wrong Person

You have a certain vision for your business. Your business is extremely important to you and you don’t want to trust it to just anyone. Hiring the right person can be hard. Here are some red flags that you should watch out for so that you can avoid hiring the wrong person.

They Have Nothing to Say about Former Employers Other Than Complaints

The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior. When you’re asking them about their work history and how they felt about their work with that employer, they may have nothing to say other than complaints. Think about the common denominator to all of those problems (the person you are interviewing).

Their Non-verbal Cues Worry You

Non-verbal cues can often say more than anything else during an interview. Most people, even those who don’t have the best intentions, know how to at least try to prepare for a job interview. There are lots of articles online to help people prepare to answer standard job interview questions. This is why you have to watch what they don’t say. Do they make poor eye contact? How are they dressed? Are they slouching in their seat? Do they roll their eyes when you speak? Do they act like they’d rather be anywhere else but there? Those are all non-verbal cues that could mean this potential employee isn’t a good fit for your business.

They Seem to Hold a Grudge Against Their Former Bosses

Everyone at some point has at least one boss that they didn’t totally get along with for one reason or another. Yet, most people also have the good sense to just let things go. If you get the impression that the candidate you’re interviewing is holding a grudge against their former bosses, they are not a good fit for your company. You’re looking to hire someone who knows that even when problems between people exist, we should still look for places from which we can move forward. You need a team player.

They Get Defensive with a Forced Negative Question

A forced negative question may sound harsh, but you can catch the potential employee off-guard and get a more truthful answer. An example of a forced negative question is “Tell me why I shouldn’t hire you.” You are forcing them to tell you something that they really don’t want to answer. Of course, some people may be legitimately shocked and need a moment to answer you, but if people automatically get defense, that is a red flag. They are likely to get upset anytime something doesn’t go their way.

They Can’t Tell You Anything Good about Any Job They’ve Had

Specifically ask them to tell you something good about their previous positions. If they can’t tell you anything good about any job they’ve had, that’s a red flag. A good, simple answer for someone who at least tries to see the good side is that they liked what they did. When someone can’t find a single good thing to say, they will likely bring their problems with them into the workplace.

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