How to Write a Collections Letter Template!

How to Write a Collections Letter Template!

Every business owner needs to know how to write a collections letter. What about a collections letter template? A collections letter template is a reusable guide that you or your accounts receivable team can use anytime a letter of this nature needs to be sent. It saves time because you or your team can simply fill in certain information and leave the boilerplate text. Today, we’re going to talk about the information you would use to write a collections letter template.

Components of a Collections Letter Template

Let’s talk about the components you need to write a collections letter template.

  • Client information. This includes the account number, the name of the client, and the client’s full address.
  • Summary of the account. This includes the amount of time that the account is past due, the amount that is owed, and the day that the last service was rendered. It is also helpful to include what sort of service you provided.
  • The number of times you’ve contacted the client to resolve the past due account.
  • The action you need them to take and the date by which they must take that action.
  • Your contact information.

Your collections letter template should address the client by name and include the date that the letter was generated. Next, you’ll see some sample wording for a collections letter template. Note the text in all caps. That is the information that you would change before sending it out. Also, make sure that when you change that information that you use “Save As” to create a saved copy of the collections letter without overwriting your template.



This letter is to remind you that your account is overdue. Our records show that you have an outstanding balance of BALANCE. As of the date of this reminder letter, your account is X DAYS past due. Just in case you’ve lost the invoice we sent to you on DATE INVOICE WAS SENT, here’s a summary:

INVOICE NUMBER was sent on DATE INVOICE WAS SENT with a balance of BALANCE AMOUNT. It was due on DUE DATE. As of the date of this reminder letter, your account is NUMBER OF DAYS PAST DUE past due.

Please call us to make a payment on this account by DATE if you’ve not done so by the time you receive this letter. If you have questions about your account or this letter, please call us at PHONE NUMBER. We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have and explore options to help you solve any issue you may be facing that caused you to miss your payment.






When Is a Collections Letter Sent?

A collections letter is sent after you’ve already attempted to contact the client with the overdue account over the phone. Even if you made contact with them, you would still send this letter if they did not make a payment when you last spoke with them.

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