How This Simple, Free Tool Can Increase Your Sales!

How This Simple, Free Tool Can Increase Your Sales!

How This Simple, Free Tool Can Increase Your Sales

If you’re in business, there’s very little that makes you happier than making more sales. More sales means more money for your business. More money for your business means that you can grow your business. So, as a business owner you probably spend at least a portion of your time looking for ways that you can grow your sales. Then, you must implement your research and give it time to determine if those ideas will help meet your needs as a business owner and also help meet the needs of the customers. However, there’s historically been one unsolved issue that troubles business owners in pursuit of more sales. That unsolved issue occurs when you hear the potential client say how much they loved your presentation and your service…but they can’t afford you.

Is Price Truly the Problem?

There are many sales gurus that will tell you in their seminars and books that price is never truly the problem. While it is a worthy endeavor to talk with the potential client to ensure that they aren’t using price as an excuse, we all know that price can be a hurdle. Can you go out today and purchase anything you want for your small business? Probably not unless you decide to use credit.

If you determine that price is the actual issue that is prohibiting your potential client from moving forward, you have three choices:

  • Offer a lower price (but then you’re not getting paid what you’re worth);
  • Tell the prospect to keep you in mind for the future (but they may find a different provider);
  • Help them solve their financial problem.

Why You Should Help Your Prospects Solve Their Financial Issues

When you offer a way to help your prospects solve their financial issues, you become more than a service provider. You become someone that can find solutions for their problems. This is a valuable part of establishing a long term relationship with your prospects and clients. It’s much easier to make a future sale to an existing client than it is to acquire and convert a new client. So, when you help your clients, you also help yourself.

How to Help Your Prospects

You have several options to try and assist your prospects. You could extend a line of credit from your business. Of course, the danger there is that you are not paid in full and you are now at risk of dealing with a future delinquent account. After all, the reason why you’re extending credit is because they don’t have the funds to pay for your services.

Clients A.R.M. is excited to announce our new tool that is free and simple to use. Our tool, Hello Finance Manager, can help you and your prospect. Hello Finance Manager is a free tool that can help your prospect receive the funds that they need in order to pay you in full for your services. Your prospects convert to clients and receive the services that they need. You receive a new client and you’re paid in full for your service.

Ready to Get Started?

Getting started with Hello Finance Manager is easy! You can send your prospects directly to our Hello Finance Manager tool or you can have them give us a call. We’re here to help!