Hello Credit Manager & Hello Finance Manager – How These Services Work for You.

Hello Credit Manager & Hello Finance Manager – How These Services Work for You.

Hello Credit Manager & Hello Finance Manager – How These Services Work for You

Are you considering offering a line of credit to your clients in order to help them pay for your services? Are you concerned about the possibility of negative repercussions to your own bottom line? There are numerous factors to consider before extending credit to your clients. All Business features a great article for those thinking about offering a line of credit to their clients. Yet, is a line of credit your only option to enable clients to get the services from you that they need?

Clients ARM understand the risks involved and know that ensuring payment for services rendered is the most important aspect of any successful business. This is why we offer two invaluable services that can serve as wonderful alternatives to offering a line of credit. These services are in place to benefit you, your clients, and your business.

Hello Credit Manager

We offer a unique service known as Hello Credit Manager. Hello Credit Manager is an affordable service that is able to assist you when extending credit to your prospective and current clients. Our Hello Credit Manager Service is an online service that will process credit applications, verify references, and perform credit checks on behalf of your company. Once the application has been processed, we will then set a credit limit for the client that works for their specific financial situation. We will also notify the client electronically of the credit decision made on your behalf.

Hello Credit Manager helps your business by ensuring that a proper credit limit is set. This can help your clients from spending more than they can afford. You face less financial risk.

Hello Finance Manager

Do you have a client who cannot afford your services? Even if you don’t offer a line of credit, there is still an option for your client to get the services from you that they need and for you to be paid in full. Hello Finance Manager will help your clients find a lender to help them get the money that they need for your services. This service is absolutely free for your clients. They can either directly access our Hello Finance Manager page or you can have them call us.

Using Hello Finance Manager eliminates the risk of your company not receiving payment for your services. The client will receive a lump sum which they will use to pay you in full. All repayments on the loan are made by your client to the lender. That eliminates all of the risk for you. Clients ARM will work directly with both your client and the lender.

Clients ARM isn’t just for your clients. This service is also available to you, the business owner! Maybe you need additional funding to start a new business or you are looking to expand your existing business. Hello Finance Manager can help you as well. We will match you with the best lender for your needs.

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Contact Clients ARM today to learn more about these two great services. We have more than 30 years of Director-level experience in accounts receivable management. We are here to help you not only with credit and loan processing, but with any and all of your accounts receivable, billing, collections, and customer service needs! We look forward to offering you a free, no-obligation quote.