How Your Healthcare Practice Benefits from Outsourcing to a Virtual Provider

How Your Healthcare Practice Benefits from Outsourcing to a Virtual Provider


Is your healthcare company in need of an office manager? Are you a stand-alone provider in need of assistance with the day to day aspects of office and accounts management? Would you like to be able to spend more time focusing on your patients and their needs, and spend less time working on the paperwork aspect of it all? Clients ARM offers custom solutions for healthcare providers.

Is There a Benefit to Outsourcing?

Many medical offices are choosing to outsource their medical billing and office management needs. Although there are negative thoughts generally associated with the thought of outsourcing, it can be the perfect solution for your medical facility.

Clients ARM is based in the United States and has more than 30 years of Director-level experience in customer service, accounts receivable, office management, ICD coding, electronic health claims management, and collections. We provide your facility with a way to get more done in less time all while saving you money when compared to the more traditional aspects of hiring. We are the premier solution for medical providers.

Don’t Just Take Our Word for It!

You can learn more about exactly how medical providers benefit from outsourcing by checking out this article hosted on About.com. It provides a quick, at a glance list of 7 benefits that healthcare facilities can experienceBy selecting Clients ARM as your virtual office and accounts manager, we will provide you with all the necessary services, and handle all the duties required, to get your healthcare business on the right track. We are experts in our field. We are highly trained. We stay up to date on all the laws and regulations associated with today’s health care market. Your satisfaction is our number one priority.

Custom Solutions for Your Healthcare Practice

The services provided to you when you select Clients ARM to manage your healthcare practice office are customized to best serve the goals of your business. We provide individual and packaged services.

Financing Options – Whether your patient has insurance or is uninsured, there will be times that a visit or procedure, while medically necessary, is more than they are able to afford out of pocket. Clients ARM can assist your office by setting up a payment arrangement schedule or offer financing options to them. We are able to accurately review the risks associated with each account and help you set up the necessary credit controls to minimize the number of future delinquent accounts. Clients ARM can even help your office by handling your electronic health insurance claims filing and your ICD coding.

Intake and Appointment Call Center – We handle all aspects of patient intake, including setting up the new patient’s appointment time, gathering all the necessary information regarding insurance, and we can also book follow up appointments for existing patients.

Patient Services and Customer Support – Whether a patient has a billing question or wants to know what a procedure will cost, Clients ARM can provide them with the requested information all while utilizing your office’s phone system. That’s right. There’s no change for your patients. Your office simply provides an unused phone line and we can do the rest from our remote location within the United States. We will research the questions asked, contact the insurance company or your office for verification, and relay the response to the patient. If a patient has a concern regarding their visit, we can act as your intermediary to help you spend more of your time with patients in the office. If needed, we can pass on any necessary information to you, the provider, and then respond to the patient.

Patient satisfaction is key to cultivating a successful practice Clients ARM is here to ensure that your patients are 100% satisfied with the services provided, as well as to ensure they fully understand any charges and bills they may receive. Your healthcare facility gets to benefit from a better patient-provider relationship at a fraction of the cost of employing a full time patient coordinator.

ICD Coding, Insurance Electronic Claim Submission, and Monthly Client Billing – Once a patient’s appointment is completed the services provided and outcome of their visits must be coded using ICD coding, a claim form must be submitted to the insurance company for payment, and any statements of remaining balances due must then be sent to the patient for payment. Clients ARM will code the patients visit using the appropriate ICD code and submit it to the insurance company for payment. Once the insurance company has processed the request, we will then submit a notice of the remaining balance to patient, and follow through with the pre-agreed upon payment arrangements or payment schedule, if one applies. Since Clients ARM also offers a free Hello Finance Manager financing tool, your patients may be able to qualify for a loan that can help them pay for their needed procedure(s) in full.

Soft Call First Party Collections and Placing Delinquent Accounts for Collections – Clients ARM can also follow up with the patient via phone calls if the payment is not received in a timely manner and send out reminder notices via the U.S. Postal Service. If a patient refuses or cannot pay, we are able to place the delinquent account up for collections. We offer a fully licensed and bonded collection agency in several states and we are able to handle all aspects of the collection process for you. This is why so many healthcare facilities choose Clients ARM. We have the ability to assist your facility from the very beginning of the accounts receivable management process all the way to the end, if needed. There’s no need for you to work with multiple vendors.

Your time is valuable. That time should be spent doing what you do best, helping others. Clients ARM has 30+ years of accounts receivable management experience and provides services which are specifically tailored to assist those in the healthcare industry. We have a 90% success rate on collecting balances owed and collecting on delinquent accounts. To find out how Clients ARM can help with all of your healthcare office management needs, contact us for a free, no obligation quote.