How to Fully Utilize Employee Productivity to Enhance Your Business

How to Fully Utilize Employee Productivity to Enhance Your Business

Employee productivity is an important factor in any business. Productivity manifests itself in the form of results for any organization. The sustainability and survival of a business is based upon the input and efficiency of the work produced. So, the question for business owners is how can you fully utilize employee productivity to enhance your business? Here are 9 things to consider about employee productivity.


Decrease in Productivity


A decrease in productivity does not fall squarely on the shoulders of an employee. Often the environment in the work place along with work conditions can negatively affect employees. Changes in work culture are not often large issues; they can often be small changes. Those changes can be a policy change, adjustment to processes, or even change in staff. If you notice that a decrease in productivity has occurred, take a good look at why it happened. Take the time to talk to the employee and find out if they just need time to adjust or if the new processes truly aren’t optimal.


Employee Value


Undervaluing employee talents and abilities can create tension and impact an employee’s confidence. Assigning appropriate tasks to qualified employees and playing on their strengths can be a much-needed positive boost. Properly delegating can relieve stress and tension for you and free you up for attending to other business related tasks.


Accountability and Time Management


Accountability and time management can adversely affect productivity. Setting a goal or deadlines is not the final step in setting boundaries on projects for an employee. Efficient follow up allows employers to measure progress and address any issues that may arise. Correcting mistakes before they escalate allows the task to be completed properly the first time. This saves time not just for the employee, but for the entire project. It ensures that all employees stay on track and complete the project in a consistent manner.


Avoid Micromanagement


Allowing employees freedom to complete assigned tasks shows that trust is important. Micromanaging is detrimental to achieving goals. Employees must be allowed to analyze situations that arise to determine the action needed to complete an assignment. This furthers their growth as individuals and as employees. The more they learn to manage, the more vital they become to your company. Employees can bring new ideas to the table that may help to increase productivity and streamline processes. Employees that are allowed to manage themselves generally produce better results.


Reward and Recognize


Encouragement from an employer motivates employees. They feel appreciated. Employees that feel undervalued produce minimal results. Rewards allow employers to create incentives that challenge employees. Employees need to feel challenged in their job because challenges create a feeling of self-worth once they are met.


Realistic Goals


Setting goals too high can create stress and usher in poor results. Farfetched goals can lead to burn out. A burned out employee can lead to increased turnover. Achieving goals produces results. Results increase business. It’s important that you talk with your employees about goal setting. One of the best and easiest goal setting methods is the SMART goals methods. SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, and Realistic.


Less Time in Meetings


Consider the information that employers share during meetings. Time spent in discussion and meetings is less time spent focusing on projects. Can the information shared in meetings be sent in a simple email? Can the information shared in a discussion be sent in a memo?


Another issue with meetings is that they are often mandatory even for people who do not play a critical role in a project. This takes away their productivity time on projects where they do play a larger role. Be mindful of the time of your employees. It will affect your bottom line.


Tools and Equipment


Efficient electronic equipment is essential to yielding error free results. Connectivity issues, breakdowns, and slow processing times only delay progress. Outdated equipment delays completing projects. Transitioning to a paperless workplace can reduce clutter and waste, but it can also allow employees to access information at a faster pace and increase response time, improve customer service, and reduce costs.


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