Frontline Defense: Policies Suggestions to Improve Customer Service

Frontline Defense: Policies Suggestions to Improve Customer Service

 Frontline Defense: Policies Suggestions to Improve Customer Service

Telephone, email, and social media are now the most common ways that consumers contact companies when they need a service. Although we’d all love to think that our business is prepared for that very first contact, we’ve all experienced the disappointment and anger of being treated poorly. It’s important that you have a frontline defense for your business. Use these tips to ensure that current and potential clients are treated fairly and that they are pleased that they chose to reach out to you.

Frontline Staff Should Sound Professional

Those who have first contact with staff, regardless of the medium, should sound professional. Although many receptionist positons are geared toward entry-level employees, it is still important that the conversations this person engages in are done so in professional language.

Full Attention to the Client

Regardless of whether contact is via email, in person, on the phone, or even through social media, the representative of your business should give their full attention. This means to surfing the Internet, no playing on personal cell phones, and no treating the client like they are an inconvenience. Remember that customer service is an area that you have full control over and that it greatly influences where a client will spend their money.

Empower Your Employees to Solve Problems

This is important. When clients call with questions or minor issues, your employees should have enough authority to solve the problem. This re-enforces client loyalty. With the vast number of social channels online, unhappy clients can quickly damage your reputation. Make sure that social media and review sites are monitored. Actual complaints or issues with your business should be immediately investigated and resolved.

Hire Enough Staff to Help

As your business grows, you may experience an issue in providing timely customer service. The best thing you can do is to make sure that you have enough staff to help keep your clients happy. If you’re looking for solutions to your customer service needs while maintaining a budget, contact Clients ARM. We provide affordable, remote assistance for your customer service needs. Your clients are taken care of and you spend around 40% less with Clients ARM than hiring a traditional employee. You should also hire someone to monitor your social media. This person helps your business keep a positive online reputation while answering questions from clients and potential clients.

Learn More about Clients ARM

If you’re struggling with customer service, give Clients ARM a call today to schedule your free consultation. We have more than 30 years of experience. We use old fashioned customer service principles along with the innovative technology to help businesses just like yours keep their clients happy.