Evolution of Customer Service & How to Adapt to It

Evolution of Customer Service & How to Adapt to It

Evolution of Customer Service & How to Adapt to It

There is no denying that the culture of doing business has changed. When things change, we adapt. A good business must adjust their business plan to incorporate positive changes to better fit the needs of the company. They also change to fit the needs of their clients. Clients are the backbone. Without clients, there is no revenue. No revenue means that you have an expensive hobby. In this post, we’re going to look at how customer service has evolved and discuss some ways that your business can adapt to it.

The New Client

When we talk about new clients, we are talking about the new expectations potential clients hold. In this modern age, our culture moves at a swift pace with information is at our fingertips. Clients gravitate towards easy and convenient resolutions to their issues. If they need to pay a bill, they prefer to pay online. It allows them to take care of their financial obligations without leaving the comfort of their home. Clients find it frustrating when dealing with a company that does not make it easy for them do to do business.

It is reasonable that not all businesses will have online customer service options. However, providing alternatives for easy answers that prompt your client to contact you is just as effective. Changing your business to include more payment options is one way that your business can adapt its customer service and billing to be more convenient for your technology savvy clients.

Instant Customer Service

Many larger companies are able to afford direct chat customer service options. This allows clients to chat in real time with a customer service rep. The option is pricey due to the cost of staff and equipment. There are some companies that are looking to provide options for clients to resolve issues on their own. A simple way to assist your client is by providing a comprehensive set of facts and answer questions on your company website. Some companies opt to include a forum on their site. Forums allow clients to interact with company reps. However, the downside to forums is the free non-professional advice that your client’s peers will offer.

Social Media

Social media is quickly becoming the go-to place for clients to find resolution to problems they may have. Many businesses set up social media accounts to interact and offer information to their clientele. Social media managers have a dual role in this instance. They are responsible for posting content and resolving customer service issues on your company’s behalf. Choose the best social media platforms that work for your business. This means that your business should choose to focus on social media sites that your clients are likely to frequent. Train your staff to be customer service advocates that can respond to customer service issues that arise in a timely and efficient manner.

When dealing with social media based customer service, ensure that your information is up to date. Offering multiple options for your clients to contact your business will allow them to utilize what works best for them to get in touch with you. Taking advantage of providing a variety to your clients means they can get the basic information they need any time of day.

Email Customer Service

Creating proactive emails that regularly are sent to your clients can offer advice and tips that may prevent any issues or need to contact your company. Customers that use email to address questions or issues expect timely resolution and answers. Automated emails can become confusing due to tone or ambiguity. Keep these response emails simple. Automated responses are effective in acknowledging your business has received their email. Be realistic in the timeframe – if you say, will respond in an hour then you should respond in an hour. Keep track of concerns so that you can better train your staff on resolution and prevention in a timely manner.

Questions About Customer Service?

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