Every Business Pitch Should Focus on These 5 Things!

Every Business Pitch Should Focus on These 5 Things!

Creating a business pitch isn’t always easy. Sometimes, even experienced business owners struggle to put together a business pitch that will answer question that prospects have about the services offered and bring in new business. Here are five things you should have in your business pitch.

Your Business Pitch Should Be Customized for Each Prospective Client

While your business pitch may contain the same basic information about your business and what it offers, it’s important to customize it to the needs of each prospective client. Doing so will help the prospective client learn about the benefits they’d have from partnering with your business. It also better prepares you to answer questions and overcome objectives during the pitch.

Highlight Your Strengths as a Company

If your business is small and has few clients, you can turn this into a strength by highlighting how your company invests the necessary time into each client’s needs to help them get the results they want. You can also discuss how easy it is for your company to change tasks or courses of action if necessary.

You should also highlight any outstanding results your company helped other clients achieve. Before you use that information, talk to those clients and ask if it’s okay that you use their name (or business name) or if you should mention it in generic terms.

Finally, don’t ever disparage the competition during your business pitch. Not only is it rude, it also creates a bad experience for your potential client.

Explain What Makes Your Business Stand Out

How is your business different from the other companies that your prospective client could choose? These little areas may not seem like much to you, but they often play a big part in the decision making process. Those things provide extra value for your clients. If you already have clients, you can ask them what they like most about your business and your service. What makes them feel special? What makes them keep coming back?

An Attractive and Professional Design

Regardless of how you display your business pitch, it should have an attractive and professional design. There are several websites that provide free templates for PowerPoint or for a report. If you’re preparing your pitch for a request for proposal, make sure that you follow any word or page counts listed and that you answer any mentioned subject.

Include the Prospective Client

Business pitches can be tricky ground for many people. While it is certainly an attempt at making a sale, it shouldn’t drown the prospective client in information. Instead, your business pitch should include the prospective client and create an on-going dialogue. Make room in your presentation for questions, concerns, and comments. Even if you don’t close the sale, you’ll find that information helpful for your next pitch.

Ask for the Sale

The purpose of a business pitch is to make a sale. So, ask for it. How you ask for the sale is up to you. You could ask if they’re ready to move forward, present documents to sign, and (of course) answer any objections they may present to you.

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